August 2001 Newsletter


A Message from Paul Crouch
When Dad passed away, he left no will. He did not intend to place that kind of burden on Mother and us five children. Dad was so typical of God’s people. We were looking for the coming of the Lord. We were preaching the Gospel. Surely, we would all be alive till the trumpet of the Lord would sound! But Dad was called home. He did not leave anything that we would call an estate today: a car, personal things, a few acres of land in South Dakota; but, oh, the extra heartache for my dear mother. I wanted to help out, but I was only seven. Just a little planning can mean so very much to your heirs and the kingdom of God!
A Message From Our TBN Stewardship Department…

We are not attorneys or financial planners, but we can provide you with information on Wills, Living Trusts and, Gift Annuities. In most areas, we can refer you to a Christian attorney to assist you in making a Will or Living Trust.
Exciting news: If you or a loved one have a computer, you can save the cost of postage! We have the same information we send in the mail available on-line, on our TBN Web site: Simply go to: and click on the link for the Partner Page. Then, click on either Estate Planning or Gift Annuity. There is also a simple on-line form available, if you need more information.

Our TBN Gift Annuity is wonderful for those who wish to receive a monthly lifetime income with a one-time investment. If you are interested in a TBN Gift Annuity, when you write, please include your name, address, telephone number, your date of birth, and the amount you wish to invest ($10,000 minimum).
For your protection and that of your loved ones, we do not recommend a Will Kit or “Holographic Will” (handwritten will). We believe everyone should have a Christian attorney assist them in helping draft this most important document.
When leaving TBN in your Will or Living Trust, please send a copy to the TBN Stewardship Dept. for our records.

Please fill out the form and indicate the brochure(s) you would like to receive.