August 2001 Newsletter


“MEGIDDO – The Making of an Epic” (Book)
In the beginning, the end had a name — MEGIDDO! And so begins TBN’s next attack into the darkest corners of human society – THE MOTION PICTURE THEATRES OF AMERICA AND THE WORLD! Once again, we can turn those thousands of neighborhood theatres into LITTLE CHURCHES!
To help us do that, we have produced a very unique little book, “MEGIDDO – The Making of an Epic.” It will take you behind the scenes with a copy of the actual movie screenplay, many interesting pictures taken as the epic film was being produced, and highlights from every chapter of the novel, MEGIDDO, which will be released next month.
This will be a collector’s treasure for years to come, but it will also be a valuable tool to help us get everyone out to see the movie which premiers next month – September 21. Show it to friends and neighbors. Bring them to see MEGIDDO – The Omega Code II!
Your love gift, this month of August ONLY, will bring this story of the making of the film, MEGIDDO, to you for your love gifts, which keep your TBN ON THE AIR, WORLDWIDE! God bless you – we love you!
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