September 2001 Newsletter


MEGIDDO - Coming September 21, 2001

"Others save with fear, pulling them out of the fire…Snatching them as from the very flames of hell itself."
“WHO is the Antichrist? HOW could he rise to power? Who or WHAT is the Beast and 666? When is this going to happen? Can I be saved?” MEGIDDO…THIS non-stop, ACTION THRILLER with scenes straight from the Book of Revelation — is right on time! Take this awesome TOOL and use it to reach your city! The Harvest of the world is RIPE!
MICHAEL YORK plays an unforgettable role in Megiddo, as does GIL COLON. We HOPE this prophetic film “literally” scares the hell OUT of everyone, and sends the DUST flying off of Bibles everywhere!

"The stars will fall – the heavens will convulse."

"The armies of the world…gathered together to make war"
BREATHTAKING SPECIAL EFFECTS give us a frightening glimpse of the horrors coming to this world, according to Bible prophecy. Skeptics who say, “Never happen, never happen,” will NOT forget MEGIDDO! What a great way to witness – invite everyone to see MEGIDDO, and bring the unsaved…what IF it was YOUR SOUL at stake? Don’t let ANYONE you know miss heaven!

"When these things begin to happen…look up!"