October 2001 Newsletter


Pledge Today for More TBN Films

Let’s make MORE films like Megiddo to reach our WORLD – Pledge for TBN Films!
PLEDGE TODAY for MORE TBN FILMS! When you support TBN FILMS, you are literally going into the “highways and byways” to reach the lost – by presenting great stories – as Jesus did in HIS DAY! MOVIES are a way we can reach those who may not otherwise go to church or even watch TBN! MEGIDDO is now playing in theatres nationwide. We urge you to use this POWERFUL TOOL to reach YOUR CITY! Michael York’s performance in the role of the Antichrist is CHILLING and UNFORGETTABLE! As you do your part we can expand the outreach of these films worldwide! Please bring the unsaved to see MEGIDDO, and PLEDGE TODAY for MORE SOUL-WINNING FILMS!