October 2001 Newsletter


via TV…Shortwave…Satellite…the Internet!

"This Gospel of the Kingdom shall be preached in all the world for a witness unto all nations…”
New opportunities are bursting OPEN for YOUR TBN to take this Gospel to the ENDS OF THE EARTH! MORE Email messages and letters are coming to us every day from around the WORLD. We need to MOVE QUICKLY to build STATIONS, provide MORE translated PROGRAMS in foreign languages, and provide MORE SATELLITE RECEIVERS for foreign cable stations. YOUR TBN is now on 2,058 stations worldwide – 1,638 of which are INTERNATIONAL stations reaching 69 NATIONS! MILLIONS are watching TBN via the Internet or via satellite, in countries where there is no cable or TV station. PLEASE PLEDGE TODAY for INTERNATIONAL STATIONS, PROGRAMMING and for TBN around the WORLD on SATELLITE, SHORTWAVE and the INTERNET!
E-MAIL FROM SAUDI ARABIA: I am 18 years old and I live in Saudi Arabia. I belong to a Muslim family. I want to become a Christian. Please tell me how can I be a Christian – I will tell you why. I have an immense desire to follow Jesus Christ! Please tell me soon. Thank You.

E-MAIL FROM ITALY: Since I found TBN, it has helped me a lot. The teaching on Sundays, and youth programs on Saturday have especially helped me in my Christian walk. God bless TBN.

E-MAIL FROM SWEDEN: I must say that I’m delighted and very much impressed by the enormous work you people of the LORD have been able to do. God bless you all, and I man all of you working for this mission. I hope to have the opportunity to be with you a little longer. I am 73. I send my love.

E-MAIL FROM FINLAND: I am a pastor here in Finland and I am very grateful for the possibility to follow TBN by home satellite dish. I have also recommended it to others who have obtained the necessary equipment in order to follow your programs.

E-MAIL FROM UNITED KINGDOM: What a BLESSING TBN is! I came across TBN by chance, and since that night, TBN has become our main source of viewing. Thank God for Paul and Jan.

E-MAIL FROM SAUDI ARABIA: PLEASE PRAY for MY MOM because she has a heart problem and she can’t stand it any more. I am 13.

E-MAIL FROM IRELAND: I watch TBNE. It is the only quality Christian channel I’ve ever seen. I am delighted that TBN is available through our own Direct To Home service!

E-MAIL FROM UNITED KINGDOM: The programs are good. We need lots of Christian channels for non-Christians to find and tune to. So may God bless you and keep you all, and increase your work and ministry!