October 2001 Newsletter


For Any Pledge ...

Whole Wide World Christmas Ornament
You’ve got the WHOLE WORLD in YOUR HANDS with this totally unique TBN Christmas ornament.

Created in gold-covered pewter, the continents are clearly seen, with a custom TBN logo on the Pacific Ocean.

But what makes this TBN treasure absolutely unique is a little communications’ SATELLITE at the top of the world! Yes, an actual model of the TBN satellite that is actually sending the GOOD NEWS to all the WORLD!

Your Christmas tree or decorations will bless everyone who sees them, and your TBN satellite world ornament will be a reminder that we really are covering the WORLD with the Gospel of Jesus Christ!

Your Praise-A-Thon pledge, or the renewal of your pledge will bring the whole world to you – in miniature – as always, with our love.