October 2001 Newsletter


For $25 A Month or $250 One Time ...

Ancient Israel Candle Holder
(authentic replica of an ancient artifact)
Not long ago, archeologists were digging in the ruins of old Jerusalem, and came upon the broken remains of some ancient pottery. When pieced together, the faint outline of a most unusual marking was seen. At the top, the seven candlestick Menorah was attached to the star of David, which in turn was supported by the symbol of a FISH! We know that the secret symbol of the early Jewish Christians was the fish – probably because Jesus had said that His followers were to be “fishers of men.”

The conclusion is that this unique symbol was a code to identify each other as followers of their Messiah Jesus Christ! Our friends in Bethlehem have recreated this antique pottery candle holder, including the candle for your pledge in the above amount.

God bless you, and go ahead – LET YOUR LITTLE LIGHT SHINE!