November 2001 Newsletter


E-mail Messages and Letters are Coming to Us
Every Day From Around the WORLD

Let’s GO into ALL THE WORLD via TV…Shortwave…Satellite…the Internet!
DO YOU LOVE JESUS? Then let’s take this Gospel to the ENDS OF THE EARTH – make or renew your Praise-A-Thon pledge for YOUR TBN, TODAY! As you can see from reading the messages below, MORE E-mail messages and letters are coming to us every day from around the WORLD. Now, we need to MOVE QUICKLY to cover more countries via SATELLITE, provide more satellite receivers for foreign stations, and produce MORE PROGRAMS in foreign languages. YOUR TBN is now on well over 2,400 stations WORLDWIDE, reaching 69 NATIONS! MILLIONS are watching TBN via SATELLITE or the Internet, in countries where there is no cable or TV station. PLEASE PLEDGE TODAY – support this MIGHTY VOICE – YOUR TBN – that is sending the Good News of Jesus around the WORLD 24 hours a day!
E-MAIL FROM INDIA: I and my team in India extend our heartfelt sympathies to all the people affected by the horrific acts of terrorism. We extend our support to the people of the United States of America, and stand by you during these trying times. GOD BLESS AMERICA.

E-MAIL FROM RUSSIA: We keep you in our prayers and our hearts. Let the love of Jesus be strengthened in your hearts. When we love God, everything that was bad, will be turned for GOOD. The Lord is COMING SOON! Be bold and HAVE COURAGE IN THE SPIRIT.

E-MAIL FROM NIGERIA: Greetings in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ. This is to express our profound appreciation to you for what the Lord is using you to accomplish all around the world including Nigeria. TBN has been a great blessing to Nigeria. I wish to express our deepest sympathy on the atrocious act of terrorism in America. God bless you.

E-MAIL FROM KISLOVODSK, NORTH CAUCASUS: We are praying with you, for you, and for your country. Remember we are ONE BODY. Do not be afraid. You have big family and BIG GOD.

E-MAIL FROM RUSSIA: We are grieving with you. We are praying all together for you. We believe that America is special country blessed by God. GOD SAVE AMERICA. —Pastor Oleg

E-MAIL FROM REPUBLIC OF DAGESTAN: We want to express our deep condolence for this horrible act of terrorism. We are praying together with you for your loved ones, and weeping together with you. God is your strength, and His Spirit is your comforter. —Pastor Arthur

E-MAIL FROM UGANDA: I thank the Lord for TBN. I am still amazed by the recent terrorist attacks and yet more amazed by the hand of God at work through it all. A part of me wants to be in the USA. Why? Simply to be caught with the mighty hand of God at work. The rest of us watch and learn from the USA. Isn’t it amazing that whatever the devil plans for evil, God turns into GOOD. America, the Lord is YOUR SALVATION, your restoration, your peace, your all. GOD BLESS AMERICA!

E-MAIL FROM RUSSIA: May the peace of God fill your hearts, comfort and strengthen you in this time of tragedy and great loss. We, your spiritual family in Russia, desire to be a blessing, support and encouragement to you. We have been, and continue to pray for the United States of America.