December 2001 Newsletter


YOU Are the MIRACLE That Makes TBN Possible!

“How can they hear about Him?” “Send us around the world with the news of Your saving power”
Each year, we wish we could include a greeting and testimony from every one of our TBN Partners! YOU are the MIRACLE that makes TBN possible! To TBN Partners everywhere, we honor and thank YOU for your faithfulness! —Paul & Jan

Dear Ones,
I haven’t traveled much, nor spoken “in person” to multitudes, yet – as a TBN Partner – I preach the Good News of Jesus Christ, 24 hours a day around the world, without leaving leaving my living room! I know as I support of “my TBN,” my voice joins this MIGHTY VOICE, shouting the Good News to everyone, everywhere: “Jesus SAVES – Jesus HEALS – Jesus is COMING AGAIN!” Together, we TBN PARTNERS are telling the whole world Jesus loves them– and they are listening!
Love, Janeen, A TBN PARTNER