December 2001 Newsletter


Email Letters From All Over the World!

“Prepare a road for the Lord to travel on…then all mankind shall see the Savior sent from God”
E-MAIL FROM KUWAIT: Dear Sir, I would really like to thank you all from the bottom of my heart for the TBN channel. It has changed my life completely, and I am growing in the Word Of God! Me and my family thank you and I pray to God you GROW more and more, and touch many more hearts. Keep up the good work!

E-MAIL FROM SOUTH AFRICA: I am from Johannesburg, and I have to say you guys are doing excellent work for Jesus Christ! South Africa NEEDS YOU (TBN) – South Africa needs Jesus!

E-MAIL FROM SAMOA: Dear Paul & Jan, I’m a 13 year old girl who has been very blessed by watching wonderful life-changing programs from your TV station. Thank you for everything you are doing to glorify God’s Name!
E-MAIL FROM SWITZERLAND: Dear TBN, I just prayed the Prayer of Salvation. Please pray with me that I may grow in faith, and that I remain steadfast in my new walk with God. Thank you.

E-MAIL FROM BAHRAIN: I have given myself completely to Christ. Now I am praying that my Lord will bless me with His mighty power of Holy Spirit. Some days ago, I saw a vision. I saw Jesus Christ coming among us. I then woke up after some time and started to pray immediately, and could not control my tears. I tried to tell my wife what I saw, but could not speak to here anything for about 20 minutes. After that, I told her everything and she started to praise Jesus. Please pray for me for the Lord to use me here in Bahrain or anywhere in the world.