January 2002 Newsletter


RUSSIA Now Has a NETWORK of TV Stations

The network in Russia is so vast – it spans 19 time zones!

Our new TV studio in St. Petersburg, Russia! 84 cities all across Russia receive Russian translated TBN programs including Moscow! The ground floor is ours condo style. The apartments up above will get TBN for sure!

St. Petersburg, Russia entrance lobby of our new studio and translation center for TBN Russia! Please help us furnish it and get new equipment!
The president of the Association of Christian Churches in Russia, Pastor IGOR NIKITIN of St. Petersburg, Russia, brought us a thrilling report last Praise-A-Thon. RUSSIA now has a NETWORK of TV stations, spanning this vast continent, carrying this Mighty Voice from St. Petersburg to Siberia – from Moscow and beyond – to 84 cities throughout all of RUSSIA! TBN (through your support) assisted brother Nikitin in purchasing the ground floor of this building [pictured left] in St. Petersburg, which is being transformed as a TV studio production facility. In 2003, St. Petersburg will celebrate her 300th birthday! The mayor of St. Petersburg has invited “the TBN team” to host a great evangelistic program for this international event!