January 2002 Newsletter


Christian TV Comes to the Congo!

A TV station in Kinshasa, CONGO, in the heart of Africa, is ON THE WAY!
What a JOY to meet PASTOR MICHAEL & GERMAINE MONGANE, from CONGO (formerly Zaire), CENTRAL AFRICA. Brother Mongane pastors over 20 churches in Congo, speaks perfect English, and is a graduate of Christ For All Nations Bible School. Last Praise-A-Thon, Pastor Mongane brought this stunning announcement: the government of Congo, a Moslem nation, has granted his ministry a license to build the FIRST privately owned CHRISTIAN TV station for a country that is being reborn! He came all the way from Africa to ask us to help! The government has given him six months to be ON THE AIR! Only the Holy Spirit could open such a door in a MOSLEM NATION! Let’s move quickly to bring Jesus’ LOVE to this war torn country. Jan’s heart was touched when she heard of the plight of the many orphaned children! Plans are under way to send a special envoy of Jan’s “little missionaries” – DOLLS and toy TRUCKS, with the message of Jesus attached!