February 2002 Newsletter


Pastor BENNY HINN Stirred Our Hearts Last Praise-A-Thon

"The glory of the Lord was like a consuming fire…"
Pastor BENNY HINN stirred our hearts, last Praise-A-Thon, as he described some of the prophetic DREAMS the Lord has given him! In the dreams, he was shown the awesome GLORY of the Lord, coming with Holy Ghost FIRE, and creative miracles! Benny also said: “The Church is about to enter the greatest season of power and blessing in history. The Lord is saying ‘I want MORE’ because He wants to GIVE US MORE! We are living in a critical hour – darkness in the world is getting thicker, but the CHURCH will be
witnesses to His GLORY, as never before. Get ready – CREATIVE miracles are coming! What you dreamed of will be reality.” The Church must get READY NOW for a deluge of SOULS! Millions around the world are waiting and READY NOW to receive Jesus!