February 2002 Newsletter


The Good News of Jesus In the ARAB-LANGUAGE!

"This Gospel shall be preached…” That includes Bible programs in Arabic on Hot Bird!"
What a JOY to meet ANIS SHORROSH, a dear brother, introduced to us by Benny Hinn. Brother Shorrosh is a Palestinian Arab Christian from the city of Nazareth, who has a vast knowledge of the Koran, as well as the Arab and Moslem cultures. He has won many scholarly debates, which has allowed him to share the Gospel with repected Moslem scholars. He reaches out to Moslem people with warmth, humor and THE TRUTH. Brother Shorrosh has agreed to host Arabic language Bible teaching programs, which will air on Hot Bird, covering Europe, the Middle East and Northern Africa. He has also put together a new version of the Koran, designed to reach Moslems, which includes the Gospel. Please don’t delay – your faithful support will make it possible for YOUR TBN to send the Good News of Jesus, in the ARAB-LANGUAGE!