February 2002 Newsletter



E-MAIL Testimonies!
From Saudi Arabia:
“I am one of the TBN viewers here in Saudi Arabia, where any religions are prohibited to operate except their Muslim or Islamic faith…. This channel really helps a lot for my faith in Christ to grow.”

From Nigeria:
“I am a man of 41 yrs. I live in Ibadan, Nigeria. I this evening prayed the prayer of salvation….”
From Uganda:
“Thank you for the good work you are doing for us. I prayed the Prayer of Salvation and would like you to please send me some literature that will help me grow in faith.”

From Pakistan:
“Hi guys, it is so good 2 c ur TBN channel in the land of the pure, Pakistan (pak in Urdu means pure). U won’t realize how addicting it has become for me at least, and 2 r family as a whole. It is like River of Living waters 2 us. Thank God 4 the ways in which He feeds us in green pastures.”

From Kuwait:
“It’s a great joy to know and see what TBN is doing over in this Muslim land. I run an education center in Kuwait with the aim to reach this land for Christ. I appreciate your role in changing lives in this land, reviving the Christian viewers to be more filled with the gospel of Christ and to do their best for it.”

From Dubai:
“My family is blest watching TBN. I thank our Heavenly Father for using both of you to show us the way to His Kingdom. I have recorded most of your programmes and will distribute them to our friends to know our loving God in a more personal way.”

From East Africa:
“I watch TBN at a neighbor’s place every day here in East Africa and its helped me so much. I would like to accept Jesus as my personal saviour now and be able to commit my life entirely to His purpose.”