April 2002 Newsletter


"You have redeemed us to God…out of every TRIBE and TONGUE and PEOPLE and NATION."

TBN’s 24-hour-a-day LIVE WEBCAST is available to people in nations we can reach no other way—and the e-mails are pouring in daily!
Many NATIONS need to understand the Good News in their own languages. DOORS we did not even know existed, nor dream
possible, are opening now to YOUR TBN! God is sending this MIGHTY VOICE around the world “FOR SUCH A TIME AS THIS”! Please READ some of the beautiful testimonies Paul quotes in his letter, and READ it ALOUD TO OTHERS who may not take the time to read it! If WE are obedient to the Holy Spirit MULTITUDES, who are LOST, will be SAVED simply because you shared THIS WITNESS WITH OTHERS! Someone you know needs to hear these testimonies so they, too, may fulfill the glorious destiny God has for THEM. Please PLEDGE TODAY to build STATIONS, and provide MORE PROGRAMS in foreign languages. Your faithful support is sending the Gospel around the world—introducing people to Jesus—24 hours a day. YOUR TBN is now on 3,171 stations worldwide! PLEASE PLEDGE TODAY for INTERNATIONAL STATIONS, PROGRAMMING and for TBN around the WORLD on SATELLITE, SHORTWAVE and the INTERNET!