May 2002 Newsletter


You Can WATCH TBN Via the Internet!

“There is no speech nor language where their voice is not heard.”
Not only has YOUR TBN grown to 3,309 stations, and is carried on 21 satellites and thousands of cable systems around the world, but NO MATTER WHERE YOU ARE, DAY or NIGHT, you can WATCH TBN via the Internet. It is literally available to ANYONE, ANYWHERE who can access the Internet! The picture you see was taken by a computer linked to the TBN Webcast at our TBN Web site: Paul and Pastor Steve Galiher were at the National Religious Broadcasters convention, telling everyone about THE CHURCH CHANNEL! There are many new, wonderful church and ministry-packed programs, not available on TBN, that are on THE CHURCH CHANNEL. If your cable
system or satellite service does not carry THE CHURCH CHANNEL, please let YOUR VOICE be heard – bless your community by calling and asking for THE CHURCH CHANNEL TODAY. (Call: 1-866-CHURCH-1 [1-866-248-7241]).