PLEASE WRITE US With Information on SPANISH LANGUAGE TV Ministries

"ANOTHER ANGEL flying in the midst of Heaven, carrying the everlasting Good News..."
During last Praise-a-Thon, another SATELLITE VOICE for the USA was born—this one will say "GLORIA A DIOS," or praise the Lord, in SPANISH! The 2000 census statistics revealed some startling facts. We have another vast MISSION FIELD right here at home! There are over 40 MILLION Hispanics in America—and most speak Spanish or prefer to watch Spanish language programs. If WE don’t provide a SATELLITE channel with Spanish language Christian programs, this great audience will simply continue to watch the secular alternatives! Yes, there are a few Spanish Christian TV programs—but very few! In fact, we are asking for YOUR HELP! PLEASE WRITE US with information on SPANISH LANGUAGE TV ministries. Write to: Paul Crouch, P.O. Box C-11949, Santa Ana, CA 92711.