EMAILS From Around the World

FROM FINLAND: "Dear Dr. Paul, I am honored to wish you a very happy 68th birthday. May the mighty Lord still give you more and more years until all the last place of this earth receives the Gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ through your TV Channels."

FROM FIJI ISLANDS: "Hi there, I am from Fiji Islands in the South Pacific. I am 8 years old. We’ve enjoyed watching TBN. Now we never on any other channel except TBN. Paul and Jan, Totally believe in my heart that Jesus is about to return. I’m so glad that God allow you to put this satellite on so the whole world can hear God’s word. My dad works in Kosovo. He called 2 days ago and told my Mum that he sent our pledge to the TBN. I told my friends in school about TBN, that’s the way I can get them to know God. We always pray for you. May God bless you."
FROM BRAZIL: "Dear Brother, I praise the Lord for the existence of TBN. I live in northern Brazil and I watch you through the Internet. I love to hear Dr. E.V. Hill and his great messages."

FROM AUSTRALIA: "You guys are Ace. I love being able to watch and hear the preaching and teaching and healing, the prophesying and Salvation that flows from this amazingly blessed network! Thanks for all your sacrifices, I pray for you that you may reach the people I may not be able to reach from here in Australia. Love you guys Praise Jesus!"

FROM SAUDI ARABIA: "TBN is showing here in the midst of Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. …I was so happy to see that your program was on the air here, as you know everything on air is blocked by the government. But God will not allowed TBN to be blocked here. I know that God will work in this country through TBN. Thank you for the best program in the world."

FROM KENYA: "Greetings in the name of our Lord. I’ve just said the prayer of salvation and I wanted to let you know so that you could send me literature that could help me grow in faith. Please pray that the Holy Spirit may descend on me that He can take control of all my mind, heart, body and spirit, that in all things that I do, I do to glorify the name of the Lord."