Pledge Today!

Dear Partners –
Let me ask you one eternal question: DID GOD GIVE HIS SON TO DIE, EXPECTING NOTHING IN RETURN? The answer is so obvious it really does not need an answer!

GOD HAD A NEED—so what did He do? HE GAVE! Yes, He gave and He gave the very thing He needed. So, what did God RECEIVE? As we have shared many times—God received millions, no, billions of sons and daughters and you, dear Partner, are one of them! Praise the Lord! WE are God’s reward for HIS GIVING! God lives by His own law—you HAVE TO GIVE to receive!

You may also make or renew your PLEDGE ONLINE, via TBN’s secure Web site: Pray and ask God what you should give. If you have little or nothing, make a FAITH PLEDGE, and PROVE the promises of God. Jan and I
love you with all our hearts, and will join you in GIVING our best this Praise-A-Thon.