Join us for Praise-A-Thon
November 4 – 8!
(Joel 2:28)

Yes, I had a most vivid dream! And, young people, it was about you! In this dream you were coming to me saying, “Give us a VOICE, give us a channel, give us a NETWORK!” I saw you standing before TV cameras and microphones—speaking and singing the Word of the Lord! A young lady rushed up to me and hugged me saying, “I never believed we would have a chance like this to serve God!

I saw clearly in this dream that the whole communications industry is at a crossroads. For my 68 years it has been radio and, later, television. When I was 16, the first TV station came to my hometown of Springfield, Missouri. In a short time we had three major networks: NBC, ABC, and CBS. For many years most cities of America had only the “big three” and, later, an independent TV station or two.
But, believe me, SOMETHING NEW IS IN THE AIR! Yes, we have seen various revolutions throughout human history, including the Industrial Revolution, which we older folks have lived through—but, dear Partners, whether or not you realize it—we are IN another great REVOLUTION! Yes, THE INFORMATION COMMUNICATIONS REVOLUTION IS HERE!
Young people—this is YOUR HOUR TO ARISE—the prophet Joel says: “YOUR YOUNG MEN SHALL SEE VISIONS.” Over half of earth’s SIX BILLION souls are under the age of 25! Most of these THREE BILLION have never had a clear presentation of the Gospel and many have never even heard the name of JESUS! Have you got the picture? Do you SEE A VISION?

Now, here is where us older folks, the technological revolution, and YOU can combine to form a new TRINITY! We older ones have the financial support. The new technology gives us the pipeline into the homes and hearts of this new generation, and YOU have the VISION, the culture, and the language to reach them! Yes, God’s NEW TRINITY to, as Jesus commanded, “DESTROY THE WORKS OF THE DEVIL!” Praise God most high!

The prophet Joel said it: “In the last days your young men shall SEE VISIONS….” This is the hour for young people to arise and have a VOICE! Join us this Praise-A-Thon, and be a part of this miracle!
Here, then, is this “old man’s” dream for you:

The vast Internet, in its early years, has been a novelty and a play toy for the “cyber-geeks”! But, with fiber optics, DSL lines, wireless access, and even new innovations, we have a WINDOW to the world—especially to the YOUNG WORLD!

So, here is where TBN and my generation enters. We already have three networks on the air: TBN, The Church Channel, and TBN Enlace USA—the all Spanish network. With a fairly modest investment, we can launch the TBN YOUTH CHANNEL into the Internet. The problem is—with millions of web sites out there, we are hopelessly lost in the shuffle—right? WRONG!

We are building our new HDTV (high definition) transmitters even as I write this letter. And, here is where it really gets exciting! With compression technology we can now squeeze six or more different program channels into the one old-fashioned analog channel! And, just a few days ago, I read an article by the Chairman of the FCC, Michael Powell. He is proposing a change in the cable “must carry” rules that would require all cable systems to carry ALL TV station’s “free-to-air” program offerings which, in our case, would be ALL six or more program channels!

TBN has many great youth programs, including WWJDtv (“What Would Jesus Do” TV), but we need MORE! Church youth groups and ministries are invited to send their sample youth outreach TV program to TBN. This generation will turn the world around for Jesus Christ, if we will reach them NOW, and give them a VOICE!
Young people—I see that God is giving YOU your own TV channel WORLDWIDE because with TBN’s more than 3,700 TV stations, fed by 26 great satellites, we can drive viewers to the INTERNET SITE and reach everyone even in areas where we do not have a TV station! WOW! Are you getting the picture?

So here we go: If you young people will catch the vision and create TV programs to win three billion souls, we old folks will give you the hardware to accomplish it! Put simply—you make the pictures and we will give you the eyeballs to watch it!

Many youth ministries are springing up—praise God for them. Church youth groups are beginning to use TV equipment already in place for the senior church programs.
Jan and the TBN program department are also dreaming up new youth programs—so, HEY EVERYONE—let’s do it—let’s GO in Jesus’ name! Let’s give MTV, VH1, Saturday Night Live, even Dreamworks and Disney, A RUN FOR THEIR MONEY! They may have entertainment, but we have a MESSAGE! Yes, a message that will change the eternal destination of billions of souls!

Dear children—we do not have all the time in the world left. Please read the three short chapters of the prophet Joel. There is no question that he is addressing us in this final generation before the coming of the Lord Jesus Christ!


He goes on to declare that the “former” and the “latter rain” of the Holy Spirit would be poured out before the coming of the Lord. The apostle Peter declared on the day of Pentecost that they had received the “former” rain; but, Praise God, we are seeing the beginnings of the great “LATTER RAIN” that God promised us of this generation.

God goes on to warn of great upheavals in nature—“wonders in the heavens…blood, fire, and pillars of smoke”! The sun “turned into darkness and the moon into blood”!

But the glorious GOOD NEWS—and here is where WE enter the picture—


So, dear older Partners—let’s do our part. As I told the kids earlier—we’ve got the money and now they have the VISION! Help us launch another whole TV network—“TBN YOUTH”—to all the world! We can do it! God will hold us accountable if we don’t.
If you have or know a youth that needs Jesus, sow a seed gift for this new network and claim that one for Christ. Whatever your need may be, remember God’s great covenant of GIVING AND RECEIVING. You give to God, EXPECTING to receive what you need.

November is our great Praise-a-Thon renewal month. Jan and I love you and will join you, giving our very best to God.

Come on, dream along with me so our youth will catch the vision!

Be sure to get your children, grandchildren, and church youth groups to WATCH this Praise-A-Thon—November 4 - 8! THEN GET READY FOR REVIVAL!