TBN Enlace USA On the Air!

" TBN Enlace USA"– ON THE AIR!
TBN Enlace USA: A NEW SPANISH LANGUAGE NETWORK IS ON THE AIR! For over 15 years TBN, through its affiliate Enlace, has helped to raise a TV network for Latin America. Brother Jonas Gonzales, Sr., president of Enlace, (pictured with Paul) has labored diligently to bring Christian TV into all of Central and South America, and Spain. And now, through the new TBN Enlace USA network, millions of Spanish-
speaking viewers throughout the UNITED STATES, will also be able to receive Christian television in their own language. Let’s reach the fastest-growing mission field in the USA! Ask your cable or satellite service to carry TBN-Enlace USA. PLEDGE TODAY FOR THE SPANISH NETWORK!