July 2008
Blessed is the Nation
Praise the Lord - SPECIAL MOMENTS
Jesus Christ Television Pakistan
Visit Jerusalem in Orlando!
Miniature Holy Bible
Visit Jerusalem in Orlando! <<   >>

Step back in time and experience the land of the Bible as it was 2,000 years ago! Your journey will take you to see replicas of the Wilderness Tabernacle, the Great Temple, and the Garden Tomb. Discover the amazing history of the Bible; explore the city of Jerusalem in miniature; see reenactments of Jesus' ministry, His life, death, and resurrection; and feel the power and passion of original musical productions. Your adventure in ancient Israel includes fascinating exhibits, plays, musical presentations, and MORE!

For information go to: www.theholylandexperience.com or call 1-866-872-4659

Experience dramatic reenactments of Jesus' life, death and resurrection.


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