February 2004
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Dr. Michael Youssef
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John Paul Jackson
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From Russia: My name is Rimma.We have a down-link in our church and I'm a constant viewer of the TBN programming.
For many years I suffered from arthritis. One night I came to the church to watch the TBN channel as usual and it became a crucial night for me. That night God healed me and I no longer had my arthritis!
When I returned home and told my children about my miraculous healing they got so excited they couldn't help giving thanks to the Lord although they resisted Him for a long time. As they saw the miracle with their own eyes they got a desire to meet such a God personally. So they gave their lives to Jesus and joined the church. Now we watch TBN together! Praise the Lord!

From India: "I am 19 years old. I am from India. I am watching your TBN channel. [The] messages are very encouraging for new believers like me. I want to know more about Jesus Christ.... Please pray for me always.

From Zambia: "I am a young man age 26 and I just got born again through TBN... I tuned to your station and Bro. R.W. Schambach was preaching. His words were so clear when he said, ‘You must give your life to the Lord.' I prayed with him a sinner's prayer and I know and believe I am saved."

From the U.S.A: "Thank you, thank you for being willing and obedient. I was lost and without hope, but now I'm saved, full of hope, and the child of the living God. I met Jesus, God's blessings and covenant, through TBN. I believe I'm the first in my household saved. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you."

From Fiji: "I am 18 years of age. I love watching TBN, because TBN has really changed my life."

From England: "Thank you for your TV programs at TBN Europe.Your programmes made me return to Jesus our Lord."

From Algeria: "I got acquainted with TBN thanks to a satellite receiver and ever since I fell in love with this great TV channel... I'm thirsty to get in touch with the word of God and I'm hungry to study and understand what the Bible is...."

From Italy: "I want to use this opportunity to commend you all at TBN for the wonderful work you do. I'm your viewer both on the TV and the internet. I prayed the prayer for salvation...."

From the Philippines: "It was really a blessing and a miracle to us for having TBN. I am really so blessed with your program. I shared to my officemates and friends to watch TBN in one of the CABLE TV in our place. God is doing signs and wonders today through your network. I am very thankful really for my faith has increased...."
From Russia: "God healed me..."


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