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Dec 7, 2016
7:30 PM PST

Robert Morris
8:00 PM PST
John Gray
8:30 PM PST
Drive Thru History: The Gospels
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9-Year-Old Cooking Sensation, Nathan Godsey, Hosts Sizzling New Show ‘Fun Food Adventures’

(Los Angeles) -- He shows how to work up an appetite with thrilling adventures at exotic international locations, then he satisfies the palette by preparing an exciting cuisine.

Meet 9-year-old Nathan Godsey, the hottest new cooking sensation with his sizzling new television show, ‘Fun Food Adventures" now airing on TBN and Smile of a Child TV.
‘Fun Food Adventures’ might find Nathan snowboarding, rock climbing, or even hot air ballooning in the most unusual places. Then we may locate him working with world renowned gourmet chefs creating exquisite culinary art. Or maybe Nathan, all by himself, will whip up his own special kid-friendly recipes.

Nathan, at age 7, won a national cooking contest on The Food Network. He was awarded with cooking with Chef Emeril Lagasse.

Nathan says, "I always loved to watch the cooking shows. My little brother and I pretended to host our own show in our kitchen."

His dream has now become a reality.

"TBN and Smile of a Child TV are exited about adding ‘Fun Food Adventures’ to their lineup," explains Susan Zahn, President of WDC Media PR, the network’s public relations firm. "This is wholesome programming that kids will love and parents can trust."

‘Fun Food Adventures’ was filmed at ski resorts, professional cooking schools and restaurants that rank in America’s Top 25. It’s also logged into ethnic events like Japan Fest and Scottish Highland Games.

"The show’s producers imagined telecast venues they knew would be fun to shoot while at the same time entertaining for the whole family," reports Zahn.

Nathan often meets with gourmet chefs to assist them in exceptionally delicious renditions. "Then I get to eat it, which is the best part!" exudes America’s advancing first-class cooking sensation. Other times, Nathan prepares by himself a kid-friendly recipe that his viewers can prepare at home.

When asked what his favorite dish to fix is, he replied, "I like making my own Maki Roll sushi at home. It’s also fun to host sushi rolling parties where we teach friends how to do it, too."

Nathan’s parents home-schooled him and his siblings. They commented: "Nathan has always been a go-getter. It was his idea to enter the contest, to start his own show, and finally have his own website. We just try to keep up with him!"

This TV series appealed to TBN and Smile of a Child because of Nathan’s endearing charm plus amazing talent as a host.

"His inviting personality, maturity, and stage presence on camera are very rare for someone his age," Zahn observed. "Not only is he comfortable in front of the camera, he genuinely connects with people.

"Finding a show of this depth and variety is like coming upon golden treasure. What a thrill! Learning of other cultures and their foods with a carefree, light approach is what kids delight in. Then that added plus — parents seeing their own enveloped in learning all about that," Zahn assures.

‘Fun Food Adventures’ airs both in the US and internationally on Saturday mornings (9 PST / 12 noon EST) on TBN and six days a week on Smile of a Child.

In South Carolina, it will air on Thursdays at 3:30 PM. For more information about Nathan Godsey or ‘Fun Food Adventures’ go to http:// www.funfoodadventures.com.
To find out more about the Smile of a Child TV Network, visit www.smileofachildtv.org. To receive the network on satellite or cable, call 1-888-GET-SMILE (1-888-438-7645), or visit www.getsmileofachild.com – today! You can find out more about the entire ministry of Smile of a Child by visiting www.smileofachild.com.

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