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Trinity Broadcasting Network Says Thanks to Pastors

LOS ANGELES (October 19, 2012) — October is Pastor Appreciation Month, and Dr. Paul Crouch, Founder and President of Trinity Broadcasting Network, emphasized that pastors — along with the local churches they lead — have always been key partners in TBN's 40-year outreach around the world.

“From those who supported and encouraged us in the early days when we were struggling to get TBN up and running, to those who have partnered with us in so many ways both on camera and behind the scenes, pastors have made the difference in TBN's success,” said Dr. Crouch. “Pastors like Syvelle Phillips, John Hinkle, Jerry Barnard, Robert Schuller, Jack Hayford, and many others were so instrumental in providing counsel, prayer, and pastoral covering as we stepped out in faith in this pioneering venture called Christian television. And from the beginning of this network pastors have led the way in providing the dynamic teaching, preaching, anointed prayer, and encouragement that have resulted in a harvest of tens of millions of souls for the kingdom and millions more lives healed and changed.”

TBN Vice President Matt Crouch noted that while the programming for TBN's 18-plus networks has expanded to include music, talk, movies, news programs, shows for kids and teens, and much more, the most popular shows continue to be ministry programs and church services from a wide variety of pastors. “One of our most-watched and requested networks, the Church Channel, was launched to meet the needs of the increasing number of individuals who researcher George Barna says rely on Christian media for spiritual input,” he said. “And over the years such men and women as Joel Osteen, Charles Stanley, Paula White, Jentzen Franklin, Joyce Meyer, John Hagee, Joseph Prince, and many others have become the only pastors that many of these people have any contact with. They are a spiritual lifeline to millions.”

Dr. Crouch added that for TBN, the countless local pastors around the nation and world also provide the connection point for those who contact TBN's prayer partners. “Every month we get thousands of calls, e-mails, and letters from people seeking salvation and direction in life,” he said. “Yes, we pray and believe with them, and witness many miracles. But we also seek to plug them into a good, local church with a pastor who believes and teaches God's Word. There is no substitute for that.”

Said Dr. Crouch: “This month we make a special point to express our appreciation to the pastors all over the world who labor everyday in the harvest field of God's kingdom, shepherding His flock. From the bottom of our hearts we say thank you for your sacrifice.”

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