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Dec 9, 2016
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Ivan Van Vuuren
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A Cool Summerís Breeze of Kid-appropriate Programming on TBNís Smile of a Child Childrenís TV Network

2010-08-25 -- WDC Media News -- (LOS ANGELES) –  In the four years since Trinity Broadcasting Network’s (TBN) co-founder Jan Crouch launched Smile of a Child Children’s TV Network (SMILE) – an exclusive 24-hour channel just for kids – the cable industry has begun to realize that parents want quality programming they can trust for their kids. SMILE does that by providing entertaining and educational TV that enforces the moral and spiritual values a majority of parents want their children to embrace. This summer SMILE promises to deliver the best yet in kids’ programming.

Brenda Rossman, Smile of a Child TV’s programming director, says efforts to ensure that every program meets TBN’s high standard of both quality and content have paid off. As a result, SMILE has become the go-to network moms and dads trust their kids to watch.

“Many moms and dads think of Smile of a Child as a ‘safe zone’ for their kids,” explains Rossman. They’ve told me how grateful they are that they don’t have to keep one eye on the TV and a finger on the remote out of concern for what might pop up on the screen."

"Parents can relax when their kids are watching programs on SMILE," say's Susan Zahn, CEO and Founder of WDC Media, TBN's PR firm.  "From day one the network – whose establishment was a labor of love for Jan Crouch – has successfully combined the best in kids shows, movies, and specials that have been produced over the past few years with exclusive programming and summer specials that can only be seen on SMILE," Zahn said.

Rossman confirms that it’s going to be a busy summer for the network, having filmed all-new episodes for several exclusive SMILE shows.

“This is always an exciting time of the year because we know that what we’re working hard to produce will be enjoyed by families all over the world,” says Rossman.

Among the exclusive Smile of a Child summer programs that have been produced at TBN’s state-of-the-art studios are:

Mary Rice Hopkins and Puppets with a Heart. With a cast of unforgettable puppet characters and programs packed with catchy songs, great stories, and valuable spiritual lessons, Mary Rice Hopkins and Puppets with a Heart is one of the most innovative and inspiring kid’s shows to come along in years. Among the endorsements the show has received are the Dove Foundation’s “Five-Star Seal of Approval” and the highest rating from the Parents’ Choice Foundation.

The Lads TV. This brand new comedy is specially designed for the whole family. A group of three friends from New Zealand get the break of a lifetime when their band gets signed by music industry legend “The Manager.” Only one thing stands between them and their launch to stardom: a mysterious foe trying to sabotage their efforts. Good wholesome fun and excitement parents can share with their children.

iShine KNECT. Ages 8 through 14 are such a crucial time in a child’s spiritual and identity formation. iShine KNECT uses the hottest in music videos, along with a variety of exciting and thought-provoking segments to bring young people in for a close-up look at how they can discover God’s love and live out a dynamic faith in Christ on a daily basis.

"SMILE was established to pour the love of God into the hearts of children,” says Paul Crouch, Jr., TBN’s chief of staff. “We’re committed to bringing the best moral and biblical teachings to children through fun and constructive television to help kids develop positive social and spiritual skills.”

To find out more about the Smile of a Child Children’s TV Network and the
complete summer schedule, log on to www.smileofachild.tv.
About Smile of a Child Ministry (SOAC) and Smile of a Child Children’s TV Network (SMILE)

Smile of a Child Ministry (SOAC) was founded in 1999 by Dr. Janice W. Crouch as a vehicle for helping children around the world. SOAC’s staff are unpaid volunteers, enabling funding to go directly to those in need. Since the 1970s, Dr. Crouch has been distributing toys – donated by various partners – to children everywhere. In addition to establishing a children’s hospital in Haiti, Dr. Crouch provides aid and disaster relief to several Haitian orphanages and schools, as well as to others in need throughout the world. Dr. Crouch received her NGO designation with the United Nations in 2009, as well as her ONG (organizational non-governmental) and foundation status in Haiti. SOAC helps fund the Smile of a Child Children’s TV Network (SMILE), part of the Trinity Broadcasting Network (TBN).SMILE offers quality Christian programming that helps children develop positive social and spiritual skills. For more on SMILE, go to www.smileofachildtv.org. For SOAC, go to www.smileofachild.org

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