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Dec 10, 2016
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JUCE Live After Party
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The Perfect Gift
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2005 Announcements


December 30, 2005
TBN Rings in 2006 with Three Back-to-Back Movies

December 23, 2005
Smile of a Child TV -- Broadcast Schedule for Dec. 24th

December 23, 2005
TBN and Regional News Network Sign Deal to Air Two TBN Programs on Time Warner channel Ch. 92 in New York City

December 22, 2005
TBN Reaches Out To Muslims With "Christian Love"

December 14, 2005
Jesus is still the reason for the season at TBN

December 07, 2005
TBN's Smile of a Child Television Network Debuts December 24th

December 02, 2005
Billy Graham Classics Span 25 Years of Gospel Preaching for the Masses

December 02, 2005
SMILE OF A CHILD: Toys for Thousands Worldwide

December 02, 2005
Season Two of "The Way of the Master" Returns to TBN



November 30, 2005
Times Article -- Televangelists on Unusual Side in Indecency Debate

November 22, 2005
TBN Packs Thanksgiving Week with Christian Movies and Specials Guaranteed to Delight the Entire Family

November 14, 2005
TBN sees bright, innovative future as leader in faith-based television

November 11, 2005
Update on Shift to Digital

November 09, 2005
TBN Enlace USA Brings Quality Faith-Based Television to the Hispanic Community

November 03, 2005
Exclusive 'Behind the Scenes' interview with Tammy Faye

November 01, 2005
TBNís Church Channel Brings the Best-of-the-Best Church Programming to Digital Cable



October 22, 2005
Season Two of the Hit Reality TV-Program "Travel The Road" Premiers on TBN

October 17, 2005
TBN Applauds End Times Thriller: "Left Behind: World at War"

October 13, 2005
Letís Preserve Local Television Broadcast Stations

October 12, 2005
Religion and Cable TV: New law needed to open religious TV now excluded by cable

October 05, 2005
Mercy's Mark To Appear On "Praise The Lord" Friday, October 7

October 04, 2005
Award winning film "Karla Faye Tucker FOREVERMORE" debuts on TBN

October 03, 2005
TBN Commissions "Mercy Strike Force" for Compassionate Outreach in New Orleans



September 28, 2005
TBN Honors Pastor Chuck Obremski

September 23, 2005
TBN/Friend Ships Partnership

September 14, 2005
Open Home, Open Heart

September 14, 2005
Update on Shift to Digital

September 08, 2005
A Haven in the Midst of Despair

September 06, 2005
TBN Aid to New Orleans

September 06, 2005
Rebuilding Homes and Lives

September 01, 2005
TBN debuts Christian history series



August 25, 2005
Exalting Him 2005 to Return to TBN

August 23, 2005
Co-op Partners Promote Good Health

August 23, 2005
Update on Shift to Digital

August 19, 2005
TBN to Broadcast on Chinese Cable

August 19, 2005
Haiti's First Children's Hospital



July 19, 2005
Gospel of John

July 19, 2005
Grand Opening of Lakewood Church

July 08, 2005
From Russia With Love



June 30, 2005
Patriotic programs highlight July 4

June 01, 2005
XTREME LIFE hits an all-new level



May 23, 2005
Update on Shift to Digital

May 18, 2005
Israeli Prime Minister Sharon

May 09, 2005
Update on Shift to Digital



April 09, 2005
Update on Shift to Digital

April 01, 2005
JCTV - TBN's Latest Success



February 09, 2005
47,000 toys to needy children

February 08, 2005
Update on Shift to Digital

February 01, 2005
Damascus Roads



January 26, 2005
Paul Crouch Named Most Influential

January 19, 2005
New TBN Full-Power Digital Station

January 19, 2005
Update on Shift to Digital

January 12, 2005
TBN Donates $100K to Tsunami Relief