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Dec 9, 2016
5:00 PM PST

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Award winning film "Karla Faye Tucker FOREVERMORE" debuts on TBN

by J. Grant Swank, Jr.

A pickax killer turned Christian, Karla Faye Tucker is featured in an award winning film, "Karla Faye Tucker FOREVERMORE."

Trinity Broadcasting Network (TBN) worked with film writer, director and producer, Helen Gibson, to bring to the screen the dynamic true story of drugs, prostitution, prison, then love, forgiveness and marriage.

Paul Crouch, Jr., Vice President, Trinity Broadcasting Network (TBN), says this film "speaks not only to capital punishment but divine redemption in an exceptionally desperate life, that of Karla Faye Tucker. Today she is with the Lord."

Filled with an unbelievable mix of emotion, the story grips viewers to the depths. From her 6 by 9 foot prison cell, Karla reaches out to all humanity with a stark message of hope and compassion. It’s undeniably the tale of God’s grace overtaking a crazed mind bent on destruction.

The world broadcast premier of this award-winning film debuts tonight on TBN, October 4, at 7 PM and 10 PM PST.

"This is an incredible time for Christian filmmakers everywhere," stated Helen Gibson. "We’ve always known there was a market out there for our projects. I thank God for TBN. It was TBN that knew how to open the doors to independent Christian filmmakers such as myself."

Karla Faye Tucker is chronicled for the last three years of her prison existence. But before being incarcerated, Tucker was a life already spent. Looking from the outside in, one would have never dreamt Tucker’s spin on this planet would ever add up to anything but hell-wrecked mayhem unloosed without end.

Tucker began misusing drugs when she was only 8-years-old. Of course, surrounded by the mischievous demons out to do her in, her pretty figure wove in and out of crime when but a little girl. Without direction, void of love, reaching out to find no guide but her own misfortunate, Tucker became a prostitute at 13.

Haunts of shadows dark, laden with dreadful consequences, closed her in day and night. Insane labyrinths wove themselves about her existence as ropes choking the pretty young thing crying out for a guide. However, no guide appeared but those ruining her mind and soul.

By the time she was 23, Tucker had slaughtered two human beings with a pickax. It was in Bible belt Houston, Texas. There her time in this world slammed shut, except for the open door of a prison house filled with those of like damaging passions.

It was inside a prison that God’s story began in major crescendos. Never willing to give up on a mortal, God searched out a woman’s spirit. Almost damned by hell’s powers, God rescued such a one named "Karla Faye Tucker." In reaching down for lifting up, God hugged Tucker into mercy she never knew before. Christ introduced Himself to a wasted life, redeeming her in heaven’s light.

It was breathing the heavy Southern air inside prison walls that Tucker heard God speak to her, not only about her own destiny, but the women all around her. It was then she envisioned them totally differently than she had ever seen them before. Each became an everlasting soul seeking direction, just as she had long reached out for another’s hand, yet finding none but one pricked by a needle.

Tucker began a Christian ministry inspired by the Holy Spirit. Through the ins and outs of prison life while discovering a hope world outside the walls, Tucker met minister Dana Brown. She found in the divine plan Christ’s love pouring from his heart toward hers. That led to marriage blessed by Father’s angels.

Because of her conversion, others began calling out to "the system" for her life to be spared. A tiny framed woman with gleaming eyes and warm smile, Tucker became the focus of persons of goodwill. They advocated for her not to be put to death. She still had much in ministry to see through here, particularly among the women circling her daily.

That’s why Bianca Jagger (ex-wife to Mick Jagger), Pope John Paul II and Pat Robertson all pleaded for her physical life. They were outspoken supporters for Tucker, a convicted pickax killer, to be kept alive. Mercy, they said. She deserved mercy not only from the Lord but "the system."


Acting out the roles of Karla Faye Tucker and Dana Brown are Karen and Kenny Jezek, a Christian couple. Karen previously was in the soap opera "Capitol" while Kenny had a reoccurring role on "Days of Our Lives." Now together they would be featured in the story of a pickax murderer brought to heaven’s embrace.

Kenny Jezek, a veteran of both stage and screen, has had guest starring roles in such TV shows as "St. Elsewhere," "Hill Street Blues," and "Fame". Kenny was also one of the top dancers in his field performing in the Los Angeles companies of "42nd Street" and "Cats." He has also danced in numerous productions and commercials with a plethora of stage and screen stars, including John Travolta, Diana Ross, Chita Rivera, Jamie Lee Curtis and others.

It was while on "Days of our Lives" that Kenny met Karen. She was starring on the CBS soap opera "Capitol." They became Christians after leaving Hollywood, moving to Arizona. They married and have two daughters whom they home school. Kenny teaches Christian-based martial arts. Both Kenny and Karen serve in their community and church outreach through the arts.


Helen Gibson is a triple threat as writer, director and producer. She left secular broadcasting as a top San Antonio disc jockey to pursue making films that glorify God. Helen has over twenty years’ professional experience in radio, television and films. She has performed on stage and in movies.

Helen will be the first Christian female filmmaker to be showcased on Trinity Broadcast Network (TBN). Helen credits her faith in God as her blueprint for success.

 In 2004 she was awarded a Silver Remi at the Houston Film Festival for 'FOREVERMORE.' 

Helen recalls these last few years with enthusiasm. "The entire cast and crew of ‘FOREVERMORE’ heard the divine call, taking that giant leap of faith. We stepped out of the typical entertainment boat and walked on water with Jesus."

Helen is a mother of three and filmmaker who, like Karla Faye Tucker, is a woman after God’s own heart.

For more information, please visit www.ForevermoreTheMovie.com

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