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Dec 10, 2016
12:30 AM PST

H2O: A Journey of Faith
1:00 AM PST
Christine Caine
1:30 AM PST
Erick Stakelbeck
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Award Winning Program ‘Primary Focus’ on TBN Emphasizes Christian Worldview in Current Events, Culture, and Daily Life

 WDC Media News

How should believers process the critical issues facing our society on a daily basis? There are domestic abuse, AIDS, gambling, divorce, pornography, and other intense cultural minefields that many people face on a daily basis.
One program on Trinity Broadcasting Network (TBN) is helping viewers understand issues and events from the perspective of a biblical worldview.
"Primary Focus" (www.primaryfocus.tv), which can be seen on TBN each Tuesday at 9 p.m. (Pacific Time) and on Friday at 4:30 p.m. is a half-hour magazin-television program that addresses contemporary issues from a Christian worldview.
Through interviews with experts and personal stories, "Primary Focus" carefully examines topics of ethical, moral, and spiritual significance in an entertaining and impacting news/talk format.
Hosted by Christian worldview expert Dr. Calvin Bremer, this award-winning series reports on the trends and events that shape our culture and tells real-life accounts of hope and healing.

Launched in April 1999, "Primary Focus" really began several years earlier as the dream of Bremer, who wanted to address faith and religion on television airwaves. Bremer traveled across the country, interviewing network programmers and producers to find out what kind of program would best address spiritual and moral topics and decided to produce a news magazine-style program.

But "Primary Focus" does more than cover the news from a Christian perspective. This unique venue dares to cover topics that most journalists shy away from. "We look not only at faith, but also at ethics and morality," explained Bremer. "With journalistic integrity, combined with knowledge of faith, Primary Focus covers stories you won’t hear anywhere else."

"Always meaningful and thought-provoking, ‘Primary Focus’ aims to persuade people with a presentation of the truth in an entertaining format," said senior producer Mona Hennein. "It offers hope and, in some cases, stirs viewers to specific action."

"‘Primary Focus’ is one of those programs that will challenge everyone who watches, from seasoned Christians to new believers, to those who are downright skeptical about religion," noted faith-based media expert Dave Bohon. "Every viewer is impacted in some way by what he sees and hears, and no one could ask for more from a show about faith."

To find out more about "Primary Focus," visit www.primaryfocus.tv.

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