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Dec 3, 2016
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Dr. Wonder's Workshop
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Dr. Crouch's January 12th letter to Hal Lindsey

January 12, 2006

Dear Hal:

I am enclosing a chronology report from Jan as to her memory and understanding of our problem. I have to accept the responsibility as I did not read your script, but heard Jan read a few lines over the phone. I told her to work with you and Stan to maybe edit it or, if not possible, to remove just that one program. She also asked if she could replace your program and about 20 others for the month of December only for special holiday programs. I agreed since these were our own TBN sponsored programs. I understood all would be back to normal as of January 1st. I honestly did not imagine that this would be an issue with you or any of the TBN programmers.

Now, Hal, I do have a serious question to ask: On Monday afternoon, January 9, we talked for about one hour. My main question to you was, “Do you wish to return to TBN?” You said an emphatic, “Yes!” I indicated to you that this was also my desire. Then to my dismay, on Hannity & Colmes that same night you indicated that you had “quit” the TBN network and posted the same on your website!? Hal, please enlighten me on this 360 degree turn in only a few hours with no notice to me. Based on our conversation, I went on Behind the Scenes and told everyone that I believed we had a deal and that when our present series ended, our hope was the return of IIB. Is this something a “friend” would do? I think not. Talk about burning your bridges! I feel that I was owed the courtesy of a call from you as to this radical change. I will now have no choice but to make this information known on both Behind the Scenes and TBN’s Internet site.

Please let me hear some kind of word or explanation on this, as my hope is that we can still be friends in Christ.

We wish you well, both Stan and you, as you fulfill your calling from the Lord. I intend to do the same.


Paul F. Crouch


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