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Apr 23, 2014
9:30 PM PDT

Jesse Duplantis
10:00 PM PDT
Live From HolyLand
10:30 PM PDT
Dr. Creflo Dollar
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Galaxy-19 subscribers

Dear TBN Partner,

We have some exciting news!

TBN, Church Channel, JCTV, Enlace and Smile of a Child are now available with NO MONTHLY FEES to all viewers on direct-to-home (DTH) satellite; Galaxy-19. Galaxy-19 covers all of United States of America, Canada, Mexico and most of the Caribbean. Most areas require a small 30-inch dish (36-inch dish is preferred), an inexpensive free-to-air (FTA) direct-to-home (DTH) receiver and Ku offset dish antenna that's capable of receiving the signal from the Galaxy-19 satellite. Larger dishes may be required in N. Canada, S. Mexico and throughout the Caribbean where the signals are weaker. Since TBN, Church Channel, JCTV, Enlace and Smile of a Child are a free-to-air (FTA) channels with no encryption on the signal, you will NOT have to pay any one-time or any monthly subscription fees.

IA5 97 W.L.

We are currently featuring the satellite vendor, Glorystar Satellite Systems (http://tbn.glorystar.tv). For only $199 US / $289 CAN / $3499 MX, Glorystar is offering the complete Glorystar channel package which includes a Fortec Lifetime Ultra receiver, LNBF, Self-Installation Cable Kit and a 36-inch dish. Most Do it yourself purchasers should be able to install the Glorystar channel package by following the included step by step installation instructions. Professional installation services are available throughout the US and Canada for $175.

The receiver is pre-programmed to receive TBN, Church Channel, JCTV, Enlace and Smile of a Child, as well as several other Christian channels; The Word Network, Daystar, CNL (Russian Christian), RBN TV (Russian Christian), Add TV (Pilipino Christian), JSTV (Korean Christian), CBS (Korean Christian), Healthy Living Network, CCN (Pay-Per-View Christian Conferences), and God's Learning Channel. More Christian channels are being added monthly!

Now getting TBN, Church Channel, JCTV, Enlace and Smile of a Child with NO MONTHLY FEES is as simple as calling Glorystar Satellite Systems at 1-866-598-8728 or 916-677-0720. Order on the web http://tbn.glorystar.tv


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