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Dec 8, 2016
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Grab Some Pop-Corn and Cozy Up with Randy Travis in The Wager, Saturday Night on TBN

(October 1, 2010) –Trinity Broadcasting Network (TBN) – the world’s largest religious broadcaster and a favorite with millions of viewers across six continents – kicks off its fall programming season with another high quality family-friendly motion picture, The Wager starring Randy Travis.

Based on the novel by best selling author Bill Myers, The Wagertells the tale of mega film star, Michael T. Steele (Randy Travis), on the eve of being nominated for an Academy Award. But instead of being the best time in his life, he finds his life circling the drain, and his faith being tested as it never has been before.

Steele is known for playing characters that aspire to instill family values on Hollywood’s big screen. He’sreached the pinnacle of success as no other Christian has. But now his life is falling apart, and his Joan of Arc sister, Annie (Nancy Stafford), is the only bastion of security in Steele’s crumbling and chaotic world. Nancy Valen plays his disgruntled wife, Tanya; Jude Cicollola his conspiring agent, Kenny; David Morin his long-time chauffer, Pastor; and Candace Cameron Bure his Hollywood co-star, Cassandra. 

Tormented by a series of dreams, Steele begins to suspect that good and evil are about to do battle for his heart. A powerful story from start to finish, The Wager is a supernatural drama as the center focus of a wager between God and Satan and, like the Old Testament story of Job, it is up to Steele to determine who the winner will be.

Myers is known for suspenseful writing, and The Wager is exciting as well as emotionally relatable on many different levels. It covers the gamut of emotions, and every viewer will have in some way been affected by the film’s themes and the main character’s struggle to put his life into perspective.

“While The Wager is clearly a Christian orientated film, it is totally relatable to secular audiences and people of other faiths in its themes and presentation, says Susan Zahn, founder of WDC Media PR.  Travis, a born-again Christian, dropped out of high school and had various run-ins with the law before turning his life around. He had fifteen number one singles between 1986 and 1994, yet when he first embarked upon a career in the music industry, he was turned down numerous times by nearly every record label in Nashville. Travis has released four Christian or Gospel records: Inspirational Journey, Rise and Shine, Worship and Faith, and Glory Train 

The Wager airs Saturday, October 2nd from 9PM to 1030PM Pacific on TBN.

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