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Apr 20, 2014
9:00 AM PDT

Greg Laurie
9:30 AM PDT
Dr. Charles Stanley
10:00 AM PDT
Jack Graham
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Holy Land Experience President Thomas E. Powell Resigns After Successful Transition Of Holy Land Experience To Trinity Broadcasting Network

Santa Ana—September 1--Trinity Christian Center of Santa Ana, Inc. announces that, following the successful transition of the Holy Land Experience to Trinity, Thomas E. Powell has resigned his position as President and resigned his position on the Board of Directors of the Holy Land Experience.

After the Holy Land Experience was started, it experienced a significant period of both financial and organizational hurdles. Mr. Powell became involved in the Holy Land Experience during these troubled times and guided the Holy Land Experience through its numerous problems. Believing that it was his calling, Mr. Powell assisted and participated in the negotiations and transition of the Holy Land Experience to its current association with Trinity, which has ensured the success, growth, and mission of the Holy Land Experience. Without Mr. Powell’s involvement, this transition and success could not have occurred. Having completed his calling with respect to the Holy Land Experience, Mr. Powell is moving on to his next challenge and calling, and Trinity recognizes and applauds Mr. Powell for all of his efforts and support for the Holy Land Experience, its employees, and supporters.

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