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Dec 4, 2016
12:00 PM PST

Daniel Kolenda
12:30 PM PST
Pastor John Hagee
1:30 PM PST
Jimmy Evans
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JCTV Brings Music, Comedy, Action, and More to Spring Line-up

LOS ANGELES  — It’s hip, it’s edgy, it’s inspirational, it’s JCTV! And this spring it’s going to have teens and young adults around the nation tuning in 24-7 for an unbelievable program line-up!

As America’s premier faith-based youth network, JCTV is where 13 to 29-year-old viewers across America turn to for the best in contemporary music videos, extreme actions sports, relevant talk, reality shows, off-the-wall comedy, and more.

And this Spring the folks at JCTV may have outdone themselves in gearing up for the network’s spring program line-up, says JCTV’s program director Mark McCallie. “Our viewers challenge us everyday to a high level, because we know there are so many options for what they can tune in to,” said McCallie. “We’re constantly on the lookout for program ideas that are relevant to teens and young adults, and then we find the best and brightest talent to make these shows a reality. That’s how we’ve stayed fresh, and I think it’s given us a cutting edge with our core audience.”

That cutting edge has shown up in JCTV’s Spring 2009 program lineup, which features the best in contemporary Christian music, clean comedy, and reality shows that will have young people of all ages tuning in.

The new shows and specials include:

Seventh Day Slumber Concert Special. Taped in Nashville, this JCTV exclusive gives viewers a front-row seat as one of contemporary Christian music’s most popular bands rolls out tunes from its latest albums, along with some of the bands favorite hits. In-between sets viewers get firsthand stories behind many of the songs.

The Holy Hip Hop Awards and TV Series. The recent program honors the best groups and music in Christian hip hop, and kicks off a new weekly Holy Hip Hop series featuring the latest songs and artists in this popular music genre.

Thors Comedy Slam. For those who like good, clean comedy with an off-the-wall twist, don’t miss this JCTV exclusive taped before a live and raucous crowd in Jacksonville, Florida. One of America’s most popular new stand-up comedians, Thor Ramsey will have viewers falling off their seats with his irreverent, edgy humor that’s wholesome enough for the whole family to enjoy.

For Young Men and Young Women Only. This one-hour JCTV special takes a close look at dating and relationships in a practical way, helping young men and women understand the opposite sex. The authors of the best-selling books For Young Men Only and For Young Women Only provide tools for better communication, self esteem, and healthy relationships.

Dope. This full-length docudrama film features many of the founders of the modern skateboarding movement. Stars like Bruce Logan, Jay Adams, Dennis Martinez, and Christian Hosoi talk about the early days of the sport, the perils of drug abuse many of them faced, and the second chance they found through faith and sobriety. Also featured is the music of popular bands Switchfoot, P.O.D. and Arrested Development.

Real Girls Real Life. An exciting new reality series, Real Girls Real Life is geared for today’s young women, featuring relevant and hip segments on positive image, making and keeping friends, relationships, and much more.

Real Videos. The nation’s longest running Christian music video turns 25 in 2009, and new programs will feature candid interviews on music, road life, and living an out-load faith from the most popular artists in Christian music.

McCallie notes that in addition to the new and exciting additions to JCTV’s lineup, viewers can tune in to all their favorites that have made JCTV one of the top youth networks on television. “We’ve got new installments of cutting-edge shows like Xtreme Life, Top 3, the Logan Show, and 24/7 Youth,” says McCallie. “We never take our viewers for granted. We want them to make JCTV an everyday habit, so we’re constantly trying to outdo ourselves with fresh ideas and programs.”

To find out more about JCTV, log on to www.jctv.org or www.tbnnetworks.com.

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