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Feb 9, 2016
8:30 PM PST

War & Recovery with Dave Roever
9:00 PM PST
Steven Furtick
9:30 PM PST
Billy Wilson
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Kim Clement's prophecy to Paul Crouch

Let's pray together everybody. Just stand in proxy. Because the word of the lord is going to come. Let's lift your hands and praise him. Let's praise him. Paul crouch, the name that has been spoken about through centuries by angelic hosts…for a day would come when christianity would change its course because of a pioneer that was born for the day.

Criticized and mocked, judged and beaten down, you had no father but God. But about this hour of pain and trials--that the enemy has desired for you to fall into--it is said in the scriptures, i have never seen the righteous forsaken nor their seed beg are for bread.

You did have somebody praying for you. Your wife. Her father. And the spirit of God said you took a step and you started something. And then you took another step and God said, i progressed you to this place. Now you're standing on the second step of your life.

The spirit of God says there are three more steps… phases that you must live for…for the purpose of God and nothing else. Do you understand those whoare with you are far greater than those who are against you?

Yes, you do. But a pioneer does not necessarily start his life in his 20s or even his 30s or his 40s. God says there are things to pioneer. There are adjustments to be made.

For you have dreamed about the day that God would raise the dead. You have dreamed about the day that souls of men would not come in within the church, but they would come within the marketplace…and, that you have not seen yourself as the one to do it.

But God said there must be divine oversight. Your hands are weary. Your spine is weary. But God said i will renew your strength. And i will do something very strange in the new year that's embarking upon you.

I will breathe upon you and your house, and men and women shall say why, why, why the change? And you shall say but we are losing followers. But God said for every ten followers that you lose i will grant to you from the marketplace men who shall be raised up who shall give you what it takes….They shall be men who are equipped. For is not the very one that stands in proxy for you who is equipped for the marketplace! Equipped…to take the sound of God into the marketplace!

And you have looked and said i'm not sure. But the spirit of God said a mantel shall be cast. And you're being kept alive because i said so, said the spirit of the lord. Am i not with you? Now prepare yourselves, prepare yourself for dreams.

God, i have dreams and dreams. God said the dream i’m going to give you shall show you the details of what must take place. There shall be three depths [deaths?]Of the old in the new year, but God said i'll cast a mantel upon this generation, paul crouch the spirit of God said there are bones in a valley that must come to life. And though people say he could never do it, you can: by the structure and the restructuring of trinity broadcasting network.

For God said it must change certain things and only you can do it. For there is only one moses and i've heard the sounds of miriam an i've heard the sounds of aaron. And i would say come and stand with me and i'll talk. We'll speak about this thing. You said oh, but he has done this and he has done that.

God said prepare yourself for you will hand over the sword that the enemy tried to take away from you and you watch how during this time of next year i will begin to frustrate the very forces that have withstood you. They'll be a surrender, and i will give you a network, a network shall be trying to pursue you that you will take, and God said you will go to the deep and you will fish.

Why do you say i will die? For God said it is not my will that you die but you choose this day, you choose this day whether you live or die. As for me, God said prepare your house set it in order and i'll bring about a spirit of multiplication in 2006, and the souls you've cried for shall come in from the north, south, east and west.

And the spirit of God says i will give you much, much more than you dreamed. There are countries you've not gone to. The middle east shall be your final victory says the lord. Rejoice for i have set upon you my seal and my strength.

Shout. Take a step up--one. God said the next one is upon you. Take another step up--the second one. And then another one. God said when you fulfill these things you shall die, and you shall not die in shame. You shall die in honor. For the prophet of the lord has spoken.

Therefore, now it is you. It is within your hands. For now my breath and my spirit shall give you what you pray for. I said you in the next two days petitions, petitions.

Tell me what you want. And God said tell me five things that you want. And i'll give them to you says the spirit of the living God to you today. Amen. It is done. Give him a shout of praise.

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