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Dec 9, 2016
6:30 PM PST

Perry Stone
7:00 PM PST
8:30 PM PST
Christine Caine
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Multicast Must-Carry” ways you can help TBN

--- Contact Key Legislators

--- Call the Capital Switchboard

--- Email this information to your Friends and Family

URGENT REQUEST:  Viewers living in Alaska and Hawaii please call your state Senator and let him know that you are in favor of “Multicast Must-Carry” being included in the Digital TV bill.

Hawaii: Senator Daniel Inouye Tele: (202) 224-3934

Email: Senator_Inouye@inouye.senate.gov


Capital Switchboard   202-224-3121


The advent of digital television technology has given broadcast television stations the ability to compress their signal so they can use the same space to air six channels of programming.  This process is called “multicasting” and it is critical to the survival of free over-the-air television stations following the transition to digital.

TBN is already using multicast technology to broadcast four networks at once over one channel. Currently there are 11 cities that are multicasting TBN, The Church Channel, JCTV and TBN Enlace. During the next two years TBN will offer multicast to 20 more stations.

Congress is currently working on a new bill for digital television. TBN and other Broadcasters have asked congress to add language that would require cable companies to carry all of a station’s multicast signals. The cable companies oppose multicast must carry even though it will not take any more space than the old analog channel.

It is critical to the growth of Christian broadcasting that the new Digital TV bill add a multicast must carry requirement to level the playing field so that independent and religious stations can survive. This is why legislators need to be contacted to ensure that local stations get this must carry protection.  TBN is encouraging all viewers to call your senator and congressmen today and ask them to include multicast must carry in the new Digital TV bill.

You can do this by calling the capital switchboard at 202-224-3121 and asking for your senator or congressman by name (if you are not sure of his or her name just mention your state) or by contacting the key legislators below.

Time is of the essence.  Please act now!

Contact Key Legislators:

Senator Bill Frist (R-TN)
Phone (202) 224-3135
Fax (202) 228-1264-fax

Senator John Ensign (R-NV)
Phone (202) 224-6244
Fax: (202) 228-2193

Senator John McCain (R-AZ)
Phone: (202) 224-2235
Fax: (202) 228-2862

Senator George Allen (R-VA)
Phone: (202) 224-4024
Fax (202) 224-5432

Senator Kay Baily Hutchison (R-TX)
Phone: 202-224-5922
Fax 202-224-0776

Senator Olympia Snowe (R-ME)
Phone: (202) 224 5344
Fax (202) 224 1946



- random order-

Mississippi: Senator Thad Cochran: (202) 224-5054

Pennsylvania: Senator Arlen Specter: (202) 224-4254

New Mexico: Senator Pete Domenici: (202) 224-3844

Kentucky: Senator Mitch McConnell: (202) 224-2541

Montana: Senator Conrad Burns: (202) 224-2644

Alabama: Senator Richard Shelby: (202) 224-5744

New Hampshire: Senator Judd Gregg: (202) 224-3324

Utah: Senator Robert Bennett: (202) 224-5444

Idaho: Senator Larry Craig: (202) 224-2752

Texas: Senator Kay Bailey Hutchinson: (202) 224-5922

Ohio: Senator Mike DeWine: (202) 224-2315

Missouri: Senator Christopher 'Kit' Bond: (202) 224-5721

Kansas: Senator Sam Brownback: (202) 224-6521

Colorado: Senator Wayne Allard: (202) 224-5941

West Virginia: Senator Robert Byrd: (202) 224-3954

Vermont: Senator Patrick Leahy: (202) 224-4242

Iowa: Senator Tom Harkin: (202) 224-3254

Maryland: Senator Barbara Mikulski: (202) 224-4654

Nevada: Senator Harry Reid: (202) 224-3542

Wisconsin: Senator Herbert Kohl: (202) 224-5653

Washington: Senator Patty Murray: (202) 224-2621

California: Senator Diane Feinstein: (202) 224-3841

North Dakota: Senator Byron Dorgan: (202) 224-2551

Illinois: Senator Richard Durbin: (202) 224-2152

South Dakota: Senator Tim Johnson: (202) 224-5842

Louisiana: Senator Mary Landrieu: (202) 224-5824

 Posted: 10.18.05

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