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Dec 7, 2016
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Jimmy Evans
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Christine Caine
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James Robison
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Paul Crouch's Response to all TBN Programmers

January 28, 2002

Dear TBN Programmer:

In prayer recently I was greatly moved by the Holy Spirit to write to you and all the TBN programmers with an urgent word of exhortation.

We all know that the world will never be the same since September 11. We also see an awesome new spiritual hunger in both saint and sinner! Heart doors are open now that never were before. Let us all seize this moment and pull in the net as never before! Many are doing this and I rejoice to see this happen.

But beyond all this, let’s get ready for something much greater. My dear friend, Benny Hinn, has heard a word from God—he has been exhorting his viewers and great auditorium crowds to get ready—something is going to change in March! I have not been able to hear all that the Lord has been speaking, but I want to spend some quality time with Him soon. Even before speaking to Benny and others, somehow deep in my own spirit, I believe this year could usher in the final part of God’s prophecy—the “latter rain”! We have all seen and experienced some great things of God since Azusa Street, but the 20th century did not see the great, overwhelming outpour like Peter and the early church experienced, which they identified as the “former,” or “early rain.” But we all know—it is coming! Let’s get ready! I pray we can get soul winning invitations into every program as the Lord leads.

Also, remember, your program is seen now in many foreign nations whose cultures are very different from ours. Some of the letters and emails from overseas are very revealing. Europe is like the proverbial calf looking at the new gate! But, by and large, they are loving us. One area of great sensitivity is the Middle East. Our information shows that about 90% of the Moslem nations of the Middle East are watching the European satellites on the little DBS or DTH dishes. Praise God, that is us! I am thrilled with thousands of letters and emails from all over the Middle East—from Saudi Arabia, Iran, Iraq, Turkey, Lebanon, and yes, Israel! I tried for 28 years to get a station there, but the answer from three prime ministers and every minister of television was always courteous, but “NO”! Now our satellite provider, Eutelsat “Hot Bird 5” confirms that virtually 100% of the households in Israel gets us! God had an end run all along—He did it HIS way. Praise the Lord! I sat in my Palestinian cab driver’s apartment in East Jerusalem and watched “Kid’s Club” on TBN!

So here is my point: Let’s be careful how we treat the Arabs and Islam. Let’s not slam Mohammed and Islam. Let’s reach out to them in love. I have been reading their Koran and challenging them to read our Bible. One young student from Libya wrote me and asked which version of the Bible he should read! I am showing them what the Koran says on a particular subject and then what the Bible says. It is so rewarding to hear many asking for answers and more information on the Christian faith.

So is it harvest time? We all know the answer, so let’s do the work while it is day—“the night cometh,” Jesus said. Oh God help us put our arms around the whole wide world and give them the “old, old story of Jesus and His love.”

God bless you, your program is vital to this great, final thrust. I will pray for you daily that God will give you strength and health, but also great wisdom for this most unique time in all of history.

I know your time is precious, so a long reply is not expected, but I would appreciate a brief note that you did receive this word form my heart. God bless you—Jan and I do love you and will be watching your good program as often as possible.

Yours to reach the unreached,

Paul F. Crouch

PS: We now have 3,170 stations fed by 21 satellites worldwide—and still growing!

P.P.S. I am enclosing an article from Evangelist David Hathaway in England. Are we nearly there? This article sent chills all over me!

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