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Dec 5, 2016
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‘Paula White Today’ Remains a TBN Viewer Favorite

By WDC Media News

LOS ANGELES (March 3, 2006) --- Trying to describe the extent of who Paula White is could tax the most capable of wordsmiths. Yes, it’s true that the host of the popular “Paula White Today” television program, which airs daily on the Trinity Broadcasting Network (TBN), is a motivational speaker, life coach, TV personality, preacher and evangelist, bestselling author, humanitarian, philanthropist, wife, and mother. But those labels don’t come close to expressing the rich tapestry of her life, or the joy and encouragement she brings to the millions of individuals she reaches through her television program, her books, and her other outreach efforts.

What makes her such a popular figure around the world -- and what makes “Paula White Today” one of TBN’s most popular daily programs -- is the message of hope and courage she brings that reverberates with men, women, and children from every walk of life. “Hers is a voice of the 21st century,” said media expert Susan Zahn, president of the Christian public relations firm WDC Media. “Paula has become a voice for the voiceless, one who dares to stand up and boldly declare hope and truth. Her message is compelling to the millions of people out there looking for a destiny and purpose in life.”

Beneath Paula’s unassuming beauty and gentle charm are a strength, wisdom, and determination that have come from walking through tough times and making choices that please God. “She can counsel those facing pain and hardship because she has been there herself – and knows the secret of rising above simple circumstances,” said Zahn.

Paula was born in Tupelo, Mississippi, into an environment that would be considered normal, including a loving family and stable home life. But when she was five, her father committed suicide and Paula’s life was thrown into a tailspin. For the next several years, while her family tried to cope with loss and disappointment, Paula own world was torn apart by physical and sexual abuse. But at the age of 18, the cries for love from this self-described “messed up Mississippi girl” were answered when she was transformed by the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Today Paula White is an inspiration to millions around the world, from those seeking God’s love and answers to life’s basic questions to those who appreciate the wisdom, encouragement, and challenge of Paula’s message of victory in Christ. Her popularity stems in large part from her audience’s realization that “she understands, she’s been there, and she knows how to get out.” Her message boils down to one theme: God has a unique plan of destiny for the life of each and every individual he created.

Nowhere is that theme more evident than on her daily TBN program “Paula White Today.” The 30-minute program deals head-on with real life issues facing men and women from every walk of life. Each program features a powerful ministry segment during which Paula presents practical biblical answers and scriptural encouragement. She also hosts regular panel discussions with dynamic Christian leaders sharing experiences, identifying symptoms and difficulties, and offering hope for everyday problems.

“We’re taking off the gloves and getting down to the nitty-gritty, day-to-day realities of life,” said Paula of the daily program. “We are dealing with hard questions head on, with no sugar-coating. People need Jesus right where they are.”

Paula White has declared that her mission and call in life is to “Transform Lives, Heal Hearts and Win Souls.” Tune in to “Paula White Today” on TBN to see that motto in action.

Click here to view TBN’s Broadcast Schedule for “Paula White Today.”
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