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Dec 3, 2016
7:30 PM PST

Billy Graham Crusade (Classic)
8:00 PM PST
A Christmas Wish (aka A Rootbeer Christmas)
10:00 PM PST
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(Read by Paul Crouch on the March 1, 2004, "Behind The Scenes" Program)

Those of Eastern descent will be divided.  Where there was a oneness of purpose among them it will no longer be so, for the Lord will bring many of them to faith in Christ.   Many will know that the Lord is Lord of all nations and multitudes will come to Him.  This shall cause no small stir among the Eastern world.  There will be a great shaking among those who follow other gods.  Those who refuse the Lord will see their strength fail.  The evil they have devised will turn upon their own heads.

“Fear not America for the Lord is with you.  Many have prophesied in My Name the destruction of America, but I have not spoken it, says the Lord.  The haters of this Nation will seek to destroy, but wisdom will prevail against it.”

This Nation will take a turn for the good in 2004.  Three men in high places of government will be set aside.  Those that I have raised up to take their place will be of a different spirit and it will cause great change to take place. 
The righteous of this Nation shall stand up stronger than ever.  Godly men and women will stand in high places and once more the world will know America is one nation that stands under the umbrella of God’s Spirit.

Many changes will occur in areas of government throughout the world.  Governmental policies will change.  Many for the good of the people.

Russia will have a sudden change in leadership.  At first it will appear that it is taking the nation a step backward.  Then they will make a league with a nearby nation that will be for the common good of the people.

Out of Great Britain will come a governing that will set a new course for the people.  It will seem like a small thing in the beginning, not much significance.  Yet, it will be the start of a new course, a new direction for the people for their good.

Egypt will have a new leader.  He will be much different from those of the past.  He will not rule or be ruled in the same manner of those before.  His purpose will be much different than others who have ruled.  He will be a promoter of the people!

On November 2, 2003, the Lord gave me this interesting Word, “The boundaries of the seas will move, leaving large areas of dry land instead of water for the beaches.  In other places the beaches will be covered by the sea.  For the boundaries for the seas will be broken down.”

Beloved, just as surely as there are many changes happening on the spiritual level, there are many changes happening on the natural or earthly level.  You may remember the Lord speaking to us about great earthquakes in places that had not experienced them before. 

I said this a number of years ago, yet I must say it again, I see great change in our weather patterns.  Many of us have already begun to experience this.  Just as the heavens are in a stir, so it is with the earth.  We will see more great earthquakes, floods, tornadoes than ever before. 

Precious partner, this is an awesome day.  The voice of the Spirit is saying, “Change, change, change.”

***For more information about Aquilla Nash, please go to her website:  www.thedove.org