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Season Two of the Hit Reality TV-Program "Travel The Road" Premiers on TBN

By WDC Media News

10-22-2005 -- "Travel the Road" breaks fresh ground as an adventurous journey covering 18 months, 25 countries and 40,000 miles. It’s the saga of Tim Scott and Will Decker, two young missionaries discovering new vistas upon every turn.

It’s the season-2-premier on Trinity Broadcasting Network’s (TBN) showcase reality-TV set for October 22, 8:30 PM Pacific Time, 11:30 PM Eastern Time.

"Travel the Road" is full of daring exploits and amazing discoveries," says Paul Crouch Jr., Vice President of Administration, TBN. "Tim and Will are on the front-line 24 / 7 undertaking new mission expeditions that sometimes plunge them into the face of danger and treacherous situations. They travel from country to country with just a backpack, change of clothes, and a message of hope."

"It all started in 1998 for me," says Tim Scott in a recent article. "I thought that I was going to be a stockbroker. But then I went on a mission trip to the Czech Republic and something happened over there that changed my life forever. I was young, only 19 at the time.

"I came back to America and started selling everything I owned. I told my parents what I wanted to do, and they said ‘Go for it with your whole heart.’ They also told me, ‘Make sure that someone goes with you.’ That’s when I called Will. I told him I was thinking about going overseas to do missions work and I wanted him to go along with me."

"Travel the Road" is another hi-intensity program offered by the Trinity Broadcasting Network, a network that now reaches every major continent via 46 satellites and over 14,000 television and cable affiliates worldwide.

In the United States alone, TBN is available to 92% of total households. Though a network leader, TBN is not resting on its past successes. As the network expands it continues to attract new viewers through a unique portfolio of programming values, ministry platforms, original programs that offer an upscale connection to family based values, wholesome entertainment, and original programming.

TBN"s content portfolio continues to appeal to viewers from various walks of life including people from different ethnic groups, age categories, and Christian denominations.

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