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Oct 26, 2016
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Smile of a Child’s Award-Winning Summer TV Lineup Keeps Kids Watching — and Parents Happy

LOS ANGELES (May 23, 2012) — Summer’s at the door, and with it come tons of outdoor activities and neighborhood fun for kids to enjoy with their friends. But just like grown-ups, youngsters also like to kick back in front of the TV and relax with a favorite show. And with Smile of a Child, Trinity Broadcasting Network’s exclusive channel for kids, moms and dads can be confident that what their children are watching is not only entertaining, but wholesome, educational, and uplifting, too.

This summer, SMILE’s schedule is packed with award-winning shows that will keep kids tuning in — and parents resting easy, knowing they don’t have to keep one hand on the remote out of concern for inappropriate content. “We’ve made it a priority to pick only the best in shows that entertain, teach, and inspire our young viewers,” said Brenda Rossman, Smile of a Child’s program director. “And we’ve been blessed with an abundance of programs that have won rave reviews from moms and dads grateful for a network they can trust their kids to watch.”

Among the award-winning shows kids will enjoy this summer on Smile of a Child are:

Auto-B-Good. This five-time Emmy Award winning cartoon series is rich in content that will help children with character development. Auto-B-Good features nine animated vehicles, each with a unique personality and character all its own. And with a “supporting cast” of over 50 additional cars and trucks in a richly diverse car community, this one-of-a-kind cartoon will keep children entertained while reinforcing such character qualities as honesty, respect, self-control, sportsmanship, dependability, patience, and much more.

Paws and Tales. Created by popular radio pastor Chuck Swindoll, this multiple award-winning animated series takes children to the fascinating cartoon community of Wildwood, where they’ll join five young forest animal buddies as they embark on a non-stop series of fun and inspiring adventures. Paws and Tales offers kids a closeup look at how true friends help each other in the face of the challenges and adventures life has in store for each of us.

Dooley and Pals. With its colorful cast of characters — including the lovable alien Dooley, his robot buddy M.A.R.T.I.E. and crazy space creatures Cosmos and Zoom — this three-time Emmy winner brings children a unique atmosphere rich for discovery and learning while keeping them thoroughly entertained.

Mickey’s Farm. This brand new Smile of a Child series features Mickey, a city dog, who makes a major move to the farm with his best friend Megan. Each exciting episode follows Mickey as he experiences new things on the farm, sometimes getting into some tight spots in the process. But with the help of Megan and new farm friends Guy and Fiona, Mickey always wins in the end, learning valuable lessons along the way.

With a broad range of quality and uplifting series, movies, and specials airing 24-7 on Smile of a Child, it’s no wonder parents are responding with enthusiasm and support. “Wow!” wrote one dad from Chesapeake, Virginia. “Finally a channel I feel safe letting my kids watch.” And a mom from Louisiana wrote in to say that SMILE “is the absolute best channel on TV…. Thank you for making such an amazing channel accessible for our children to watch. It makes channel surfing non-existent in our home.”

Said Dr. Paul Crouch, founder of the Trinity Broadcasting Family of Networks: “Smile of a Child is all part of our 40-year commitment at TBN to cover the earth with inspirational programming that changes lives and forges destinies. That is the mission God has called us to, and it is what we have committed every resource at our disposal to fulfill.”

For more about Smile of a Child, including a complete broadcast schedule, visit www.smileofachild.tv.


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