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Dec 8, 2016
5:30 PM PST

Joel Osteen
6:00 PM PST
Joseph Prince
6:30 PM PST
Brian Houston @ Hillsong TV
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TBN Expands Global Reach Through Mobile Apps, Interactive iTBN™ Website

LOS ANGELES (July 11, 2012) — It was just a year ago that Trinity Broadcasting Network launched its interactive iTBN website as part of a campaign to further expand the reach of its growing family of TV networks worldwide. And to say that the TBN Everywhere project has been a major success would be an understatement. It’s not just that iTBN — which gives viewers live online access to TBN’s most popular networks, along with on-demand access to the best of TBN programming past and present — tallied nearly five million views in the first half of 2012. Nor is it the fact that TBN’s unique mobile apps are giving hundreds of thousands of viewers around the world instant access to ten of TBN’s unique inspirational channels.

Matt Crouch, TBN’s Vice President for Administration, explained that what is most exciting is how the network is reaching places that have traditionally been closed to Christian television. “I can recall several months ago traveling through mainland China,” recalled Crouch. “As I fired up our TBN app on my iPhone, I instantly had real-time access to TBN’s family of networks. It was a thrill to know that millions of people, both in China and elsewhere, had that same instant access to TBN.”

In fact, over the past year viewers in scores of nations like China, Pakistan, Mongolia, Saudi Arabia, Iran, Syria — many with limited access to traditional broadcast and satellite TV — have logged on to view TBN programming through a mobile app or iTBN.

Dr. Paul Crouch, TBN’s founder and President, noted that TBN’s commitment over the years to access cutting-edge technology has helped the network to reach every corner of the earth with the gospel. “In the 1980s, we considered it a miracle when satellite technology allowed us to dramatically increase TBN’s influence across America and around the world,” Dr. Crouch recalled. “Today that miracle has expanded so people around the globe are receiving TBN in out-of-the-way places on computers, laptops, and smart phones. What’s next we don’t know. But we’ll continue using every resource available to take the gospel to every corner of the earth.”

To find out more about TBN’s online reach, log on to www.itbn.org. You can also visit TBN’s home page to find out more about downloading TBN’s smartphone apps.


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