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Dec 4, 2016
4:00 PM PST

Dr. Michael Youssef
4:30 PM PST
Robert Morris
5:00 PM PST
Joel Osteen
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TBN Honors Pastor Chuck Obremski

"My two greatest joys are seeing men and women come to trust in Jesus Christ for the forgiveness of their sins and seeing Christians learn Biblical truths, apply them in their lives and then begin to serve others," said Chuck Obremski.

He was the Chaplain of the Los Angeles Angels and Anaheim Mighty Ducks as well as pastor of the Kindred Community Church, Anaheim Hills, CA. Paul Crouch, Jr., Vice President of Administration at Trinity Broadcasting Network (TBN), said of the godly man's homegoing on September 18: "Pastor Chuck had no fear. I saw Jesus in him." On that heavenly occasion, at exactly 1:05 in the afternoon when the Angel game began, Pastor Chuck bade farewell to earthly things. He was taken to his reward -” Jesus Christ, his Savior.

"Don't ask 'Why?' Ask 'What is God doing?'" said Chaplain Obremski to the Los Angeles sportsmen.

For years, the man of God provided daily spiritual support to the athletes and their families. He was especially popular. In the final stages of advanced sarcoma, a rare and deadly cancer that attacks the body's soft tissue, the Chaplain continued ministering. This time it was through the gift of suffering.

As the disease advanced, leaving the man bald, hollow-eyed and exceedingly tired, he remained firm in his faith in God. Also, his love for those about him spread far and wide.

When in his final appearance on the Trinity Broadcasting Network's feature, "Behind the Scenes," Pastor Obremski, 48, testified that "I have no anger toward God. I have (been asking): "What am I to do and learn?'" That was his daily witness to the world. It was a total surrender of his earthly sojourn to the Lord God. Nothing else mattered. With that, he invited others to join him in the journey upward. Many accepted his invitation.

Born in Pittsburgh, Obremski, moved to Southern California where he graduated from California State University Fullerton with a BA in criminal justice. In 1978 he became a consecrated Christian. In 1987 he was licensed as a minister, moving out to the community with strong Bible teaching. Pastoring to athletic teams and his own congregation, Obremski kept busy for the eternal Kingdom's sake.

"I can't tell you how many times, out on the field, guys I'm playing against tell me, 'Oh my gosh, chapel was awesome today. You are so lucky to have Chuck,'" said Angels right fielder Tim Salmon. Then when cancer struck, the pastor ministered to the medical staff caring for him. Through transfusion, surgeries and ordeals unbelievable, Obremski kept his head and heart held high in the angels' care. He continued to minister to the teams and never missed one worship at the Angels ballpark or his own sanctuary. It was over two years that he maintained his pastoral responsibilities while battling the dreaded illness.

"On a Monday they had to cut through his ribs and remove the lower lobe of one of his lungs ... the next Sunday he was back in the pulpit," declared Doug MacGinnis, an elder at Kindred Community Church.
The pastor thanked his wife, Linda, for her abiding compassion and understanding. He called her his "pillar."

"There is strength in the word of God during times of suffering," he said. Obremski also called on viewers to remember that death is not bad but instead is a "minister" that ushers us into God's presence. "Our citizenship is in heaven."

Trinity Broadcasting Network (TBN) gathers with friends and family to applaud the sterling Christian example of one Pastor / Chaplain Chuck Obremski. One day the faithful will be rejoined with him and all the redeemed of all time.

"He passionately wants people to contribute to The Flow of Life-Chuck Obremski Blood Drive, a nationwide mission traveling throughout the country to collect 1 million units of blood in his name. These blood drives will also benefit individuals in each local community," said Sandra Brown of Sandra Brown Communications, the firm that developed and is supporting the The Flow of Life-Chuck Obremski Blood Drive in conjunction with the American Red Cross and local blood donation facilities.

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