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Mar 31, 2015
4:00 AM PDT

Michael Rood
4:30 AM PDT
Kerry Shook
5:00 AM PDT
James MacDonald
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TBN In The News! Network Gives Huge Donation to Minority Media and Telecommunications Council

Trinity Broadcasting Network (TBN), the world's largest Christian television network, has donated an astounding 155 low power television stations to the Minority Media and Telecommunications Council (MMTC). MMTC has committed itself to expand ownership and training opportunities for minorities, women and other underserved groups, and this is certainly a huge step toward fulfilling this goal.

David Honig, President and Executive Director of MMTC, commented “There was an audible gasp in the room when the announcement was made as it dawned on everyone the extent of this donation. It was astonishing!”

Founded in 1973, Trinity Broadcasting Network (TBN) produces and broadcasts religious television programs and provides low cost broadcasting to other non-affiliated organizations that also spread the Gospel to the world. TBN is carried by television stations and cable
systems to millions of homes across America and around the world. .

While MMTC may not be able to accept all 155 stations, it will establish partnerships with companies that will afford opportunities to minority and women owned broadcasters who would otherwise not have opportunities for ownership.

MMTC, whose longstanding commitment has been to advocate for opportunities of minorities and women in the broadcasting and communications industries, will identify partners to operate as many of these stations as possible and use them in a way that will help MMTC to fulfill the dreams of many to become broadcast owners.

Under its Diversity Initiative to help minority and women managers transition into entrepreneurship and then into broadcast owners, MMTC has announced plans to incubate Media Vista Group as the future owner of TBN’s W16CJ, Naples, Florida. The principals of Media Vista, Orlando and Mayela Rosales, have many years experience in broadcasting, but are facing market conditions in which capital is difficult to access. Now they have the chance to not only own their own television station, but to be mentored and trained by leaders in the television industry.

Recognizing the Rosales’ achievement, David Honig, stated, “MMTC is excited and honored to present to Orlando and Mayela Rosales this extraordinary opportunity. We hope this will be one of dozens of success stories for minorities in television ownership that TBN and MMTC will make possible.”


 Source: News Release

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