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Dec 4, 2016
12:00 PM PST

Daniel Kolenda
12:30 PM PST
Pastor John Hagee
1:30 PM PST
Jimmy Evans
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TBN Networks Now on one Satellite

Good News,

TBN Networks, (TBN, Church Channel, JCTV and TBN Enlace USA) are now all
on one satellite, Telstar 7. JCTV and The Church Channel were added today.
TBN was added in January, 2004. TBN Enlace was added last year, February
2003.  This satellite service is provided by Olympusat. Olympusat has
created a Hispanic package of channels that include TBN Enlace USA on
Telstar 7 transponder 22. They have also created a package of faith and
family programs that include TBN, Church Channel and JCTV on Telstar 7
transponder 20.

This should help all TBN broadcast stations that are planning to multicast
all TBN digital networks in their perspective broadcast coverage areas.
They can now use one satellite dish to receive all of TBN's digital
networks. The same is true for cable companies. This should make it easier
to obtain distribution.

Satellite technical information sheet for Telstar 7 and Olympusat

Olympusat Satellite information

TBN, The Church Channel and JCTV information is as follows:

  • TBN Channel 207
  • The Church Channel 208
  • JCTV Channel 209
  • Satellite- Telstar 7 (T 7 ) @ 129 Degrees West
  • Polarity = Vertical, Transponder 20
  • Symbol rate & FEC is  29.27  3/4 combined
  • Feed type = DigiCipher II
  • Receivers (any of the following): DSR 4402X, 4500X, 4520X, 4400MD or MPS (no IRTs)

TBN Enlace USA Satellite information is as follows:

  • TBN Enlace USA Channel 105
  • Satellite- Telstar 7 ( T 7 ) @ 129 Degrees West
  • Polarity = Vertical, Transponder 22   (Off Set Freq. of 1015 MHz )
  • Symbol rate & FEC for all except edgeband is: 19.51Mbps, ¾ Combined
  • ( Must tune to Freq.  In Custom Mode, in Manual Tune)
  • Feed type = DigiCipher II
  • Receivers include: DSRs in the 4000 series, IRT 1000/2000, 4400MD or MPS

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