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Feb 12, 2016
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TBN President Urges Prayer for Israel and Middle East

LOS ANGELES (November 23, 2012) — As tensions continue to mount in Israel, Dr. Paul Crouch, founder and President of Trinity Broadcasting Network, is urging Christians around the world to pray for a peaceful resolution to the conflict between Jews and Palestinians in the Holy Land.

“Scripture exhorts us to pray for the peace of this land that is so inextricably tied to God's eternal purpose,” said Dr. Crouch. “And as we have witnessed over the past several months, at no time has there been a greater need for peace — not just in Israel, but across the entire Middle East.”

Over the past 40 years TBN has cultivated and nurtured strong ties to Israel and the surrounding regions. The network has hosted scores of tours to the Holy Land, produced countless programs and live broadcasts from Jerusalem and other Israeli communities, and with the help of its Russian affiliate recently established a studio and 24-hour network catering to the millions of Russian Jews who have settled in Israel.

In addition, TBN has helped to launch the Healing Channel and Nejat TV, two powerful affiliate networks that broadcast Christian programming to the hundreds of millions of Arab- and Farsi-speaking individuals who live in the Middle East — and throughout the world.

“God has promised that He will bless those who bless His people,” said Dr. Crouch, noting that it was through Israel that God brought salvation to the entire earth by Jesus Christ. “May God's people across the earth dedicate themselves to fervent intercession on behalf of this land and people God loves. Pray for the peace of Israel!”

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