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Dec 10, 2016
12:30 AM PST

H2O: A Journey of Faith
1:00 AM PST
Christine Caine
1:30 AM PST
Erick Stakelbeck
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TBN’s Church Channel Brings the Best-of-the-Best Church Programming to Digital Cable

By Dave Bohon, WDC Media News

What do Joel Osteen, Joyce Meyer, Robert Schuller, D. James Kennedy, and T.D. Jakes have in common? All are among the most dynamic pastors and Christian speakers in the world today. And all are part of the program lineup on TBN’s 24-hour Church Channel network.

The rapid advance of media technology has ushered in staggering changes in culture and lifestyles, and nowhere is that more evident than in how Americans view church and worship. While a majority maintain a desire to cultivate a meaningful spiritual lifestyle, many have clearly chosen avenues other than traditional church settings to fulfill that need.

Christian researcher George Barna notes that one-third of all Americans do not attend church on a regular basis. In fact, with the current increase in the nation’s population, Barna estimates that the number of “unchurched” adults continues to grow by nearly a million people annually. Barna’s research has also found that millions of people have come to rely on Christian media as the primary source of spiritual input in their lives.

“Here at TBN we were seeing the tremendous potential to reach a whole segment of viewers who wanted to be a part of an active faith community, but for a variety of reasons weren’t necessarily connecting with a local church body,” explained Paul Crouch Jr., Vice President of Administration at TBN. “At the same time we were aware that there were a lot of dynamic churches and ministries that were producing top quality television programs. In 2002 we launched the Church Channel to tap into those resources and to provide a powerful new avenue to help viewers cultivate a relevant, meaningful worship lifestyle.”

Bob Higley, Vice President of Cable and Satellite Relations at TBN, noted that church services are among the most watched religious programs on television. “There are 330,000 churches in America and through the Church Channel we’re bringing the best of them right into people’s homes,” said Higley.

Among the most popular speakers that viewers enjoy seeing on the Church Channel are:

Joel Osteen. Pastor of America’s largest church, Lakewood Church in Houston, the Rev. Joel Osteen uses both with and wisdom to deliver message of hope that has encouraged and impacted millions around the world.

Joyce Meyer. One of America’s leading practical Bible teachers, Joyce Meyer preaches to billions of people around the globe through her television and radio broadcasts. Her no-nonsense style of delivery, mixed with plenty of humor, keep viewers tuning in daily.

Robert Schuller. With over five decades on the air, Dr. Robert Schuller is one of Christian broadcasting seasoned veterans, His Hour of Power television broadcast from the historic Crystal Cathedral in Garden Grove, California is a favorite of young and old alike.

D. James Kennedy. Dr. D. James Kennedy has been hosting the Coral Ridge Hour from Coral Ridge Presbyterian Church in Ft. Lauderdale Florida since 1978. Pastor Kennedy combines solid Christian teaching with a special emphasis on America’s Christian foundations.

T.D. Jakes. For those who like a little “fire” with their gospel. Pastor T.D. Jakes of the Potter’s House church in Dallas offers a down-home music and preaching that keeps viewers coming back week after week.

In addition, the Church Channel includes daily  broadcasts from other nationally renowned pastors and Christian leaders, including James Robison, Dr. Michael Youssef, Paula White, Rod Parsley, Dr. Fred Price, and many others.

"The Church Channel is the only religious network featuring such a wide variety of church service programs on a 24-hour basis,” said Rod Henke, a spokesman for the network. “We’ve taken care to select the very best of what is being produced in church programming today. And we feature prominent and favorite Church leaders more often and at more convenient times throughout the week.”

He added that the network has taken its place in the middle of the digital cable revolution, Said Henke, “The Church Channel will help move the faith community to digital cable television.”

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