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Dec 5, 2016
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TBN's Smile of a Child Network Shines Bright Christmas Week With “VeggieTales” and All New Holiday Specials

LOS ANGELES (December 21, 2013) — There's something about Christmas that brings out the childlike wonder in young and old alike. And at Trinity Broadcasting Network's exclusive Smile of a Child kids channel, Christmas week is ablaze with VeggieTales Christmas episodes, along with some all-new, warm and wonderful holiday specials for kids of all ages.


Smile of a Child is the television home for VeggieTales, and with a new generation of youngsters tuning in to Bob the Tomato, Larry the Cucumber, and the rest of the VeggieTales gang, moms and dads who grew up with this whacky crew of animated vegetables will want to join their kids for a trio of VeggieTales Christmas classics that will have the whole family laughing out loud. Here's the lineup:


– VeggieTales: The Star of Christmas. Follow Bob and Larry as they portray a couple of 19th century theater types who clash with a local church as they try to put on a big musical production called The Princess and the Plumber to show the folks of Old London the importance of loving each other. Airs December 23rd and 25th. (Check Here for broadcast times.)


VeggieTales Saint Nicholas: A Story of Joyful Giving. When Junior Asparagus and the VeggieTales gang discover that Laura Carrot’s dad has lost his job on Christmas Eve, Bob the Tomato decides to tell the kids a very special story about giving, taking them back to ancient Greece to meet Saint Nicholas, one of the world’s legendary givers. Airs December 24th and 25th. (Check Here for broadcast times.)


VeggieTales: The Little Drummer Boy. In this Veggie-version of a favorite holiday classic, Junior Asparagus stars as the Little Drummer Boy, a lonely child who finds the true meaning of Christmas when he stumbles upon the birth of the baby Jesus. Airs December 23rd, 24th, and 25th. (Check Here for broadcast times.)


Along with VeggieTales, Smile of a Child is featuring three more entertaining and impacting family programs this Christmas week, starting with a new holiday classic-in-the-making entitled Buck Denver Asks “Why Do We Call It Christmas.” Produced by VeggieTales creator Phil Vischer, Buck Denver offers answers to questions every kid asks about Christmas, like why it's on December 25th, why we hang stocking and decorate trees, and how Santa Claus made his grand entry. Airs December 23rd, 24th, and 25th. (Check Here for broadcast times.)


Also new to Smile of a Child's Christmas collection is the family cinema adventure Golden Winter, about a runaway boy named Jack who befriends a pack of homeless puppies. Together this unlikely band foils a bank robbery while Jack tries to convince his family to adopt his new friends just in time for Christmas. Airs December 23rd and 25th. (Check Here for broadcast times.)


For those whose Christmas wouldn't be complete without a little Charles Dickens, Smile of a Child presents Mister Scrooge to See You, a takeoff on Dickens' A Christmas Carol, in which a much nicer Ebenezer Scrooge finds himself visited once more by his late friend Jacob Marley. This time Scrooge is off on a hair-raising adventure into the 21st Century, where he is called upon to lend a hand to the great, great, great grandson of his old employee Bob Cratchit. Airs December 24th and 25th. (Check Here for broadcast times.)


“Christmas has always been a special season at Trinity Broadcasting Network,” said TBN Vice President Matthew Crouch. “And at Smile of a Child we take real delight in packaging a whole week of holiday memories for families to share, as they celebrate the birth of the Savior. It's our way of wishing everyone a warm 'Merry Christmas!'”


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