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Apr 1, 2015
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TBNís Smile of a Child Offers the Best in Wholesome Kidís TV

LOS ANGELES (April 17, 2012) —It’s no secret that much of what’s on television today is not healthy for kids to be watching. From a nearly non-stop assault of sex and violence to an avalanche of in-your-face attitudes, there always seems to be something popping up that leaves parents feeling they need to keep one hand on the remote control.That is why so many moms and dads around the world are applauding Smile of a Child, Trinity Broadcasting Network’s 24-hour channel offering quality kid’s programming that is inspirational, educational, and downright entertaining.

Since its launch on Christmas Eve 2005, SMILE has grown into a global powerhouse of round-the-clock shows specially selected and produced to teach children solid biblical and moral values while being really fun to watch. “From day one response has been outstanding,” said Smile of a Child’s programming director Brenda Rossman. “Parents have been so grateful for a resource that is safe and fun for their kids, while instilling the types of values that can steer children in the right direction.”

SMILE began as a labor of love by TBN co-founder Jan Crouch, who saw it as an ideal extension of TBN’s Smile of a Child ministry that reaches out to children all over the world with toys, educational resources, and medical care. “The SMILE network is a vital part of the vision God gave me for our whole Smile of a Child outreach,” explained Jan, “to pour the love of God into the hearts and lives of children all over the world. Television is a perfect tool to do that.”

Rossman recalled that for years parents and grandparents had been asking TBN for more programming that could both entertain and provide moral instruction and inspiration to children. “There’s certainly been no shortage of educational children’s TV programs,” she said. “But Smile of a Child has gone the extra mile for parents and families, adding crucial spiritual content that will bloom in the lives of children as they grow and mature.”

It didn’t take long for the industry to sit up and take notice. For example, the Parents Television Council, an influential TV watchdog group, has presented Smile of a Child with its coveted Entertainment Seal of Approval for SMILE’s commitment to programming that reinforces wholesome, positive values parents want for their kids. And many popular SMILE programs have received awards for broadcast and educational excellence — like Auto-B-Good, BJ’s Teddy Bear Club, Dooley and Pals, and Pastor Chuck Swindoll’s popular Paws and Tales.

Matt Crouch, TBN’s Vice President of Administration, noted that nearly 20 millions homes in the U.S. now receive Smile of a Child, and a special version of the network has launched in Russia. “Smile of a Child really represents what TBN is all about,” said Crouch — “covering the earth with non-stop programming that entertains, inspires, and changes lives. That is our commitment.”

To find out more about TBN’s Smile of a Child network, visit www.smileofachild.tv.

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